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I really can’t afford to go and get wax or laser professionally due to $$$ being tight, but really prefer to be clean in the bikini area. I am a bigger women and have trouble seeing that area so used hair removal cream let’s just say that was a disaster.

What is the best way to remove hair in both bikini region and on arms, I don’t want to shave as I can’t see the area even with a mirror, any advice welcomed as I am sick of feeling uncomfortable and hot.

Has anyone used a at home laser device if so which one, despite having light colored hair the root is dark


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OMG. Some of the nasty comments. Some of you need to grow up and if you can’t answer the question without Being rude, jog on.

Also, you don’t not need to be sexual active to want to be hairless. I swim daily, people see me in my bathers so that’s one reason for shaving. Another, as OP has explained..... it’s her preference. Does the why matter ?!

 I second this ^
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Try Groupon for a discount professional job, also the Tafe idea is good, i have a Tafe salon close to me and its about half price, compared to a regular salon.

Also, considering its difficult for you to maintain that area due to your size it may be worth sharing this problem with your doctor as they may be able to get a nurse to help you out. I know of people visiting the nurse at our local clinic to have their toenails trimmed and other personal care things done, as its to difficult for them to do themselves for various reasons.

 Lovely advice
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Can you go to a place like tafe? Where they do training

I got laser hair removal done in a cosmetic place years ago and bought an at home thingy to keep up with maintenance. I can’t find the packaging to give you the brand but I got it from shaver shop and it has the letter S written overlaying another letter S on it. I got it on a really good sale and it’s so easy to use. Will only work on dark hair tho.

I'm sure you're not the first larger lady and you won't be the last, to get it done professionally. When you make the appointment just say you are a larger lady so it won't be unexpected when you walk through the door x

 She didn't say she didn't want to visit a salon, she said she can't afford it.
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Why do you want waxing ?

 To feel clean fresh in that area as well as I find it less messy at that time of the month due to extremely heavy periods
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 Amen to that!
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Sometimes Laser Clinics Australia have specials for underarm and Brazilian and it’s quite cheap.

I have no advice but I need to apologise for laughing at your misfortune with the cream. It did really cheer me up though, thank you and sorry.

 No need to be sorry it worked but bough that stuff is lethal give me waxing any day
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