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7 seater cars

Good 7 seater cars? SUV style. Not after vans at all. Looking for good on fuel and reversing camera and absolutely no istop. Not fussed about the rest.


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I had a Toyota Avensis, looks really nice and has the two seats in the back as optional for extra boot space. I’ve also had a Holden Captiva however I had nothing but dramas from day dot so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you had a mechanic inspect it. Good luck in your search.

 I had a Toyota Avensis for 13 years.... what a trojan car it was... I miss it. But as my kids got older and cars of their own a 7 seater was no longer needed. Highly recommend an Avensis.
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We have a Toyota Prado.
Super cheap to run, very comfortable car.
Cheap enough to buy
Never had any problems with it
It's a Toyota so easy to repair and service and find parts

 Yep agree with this. Toyota make great cars. My husband loves his 4x4s and only ever buys toyotas - except I have an ISUZU MUX, but apparently thats 'acceptable' coz it has an ISUZU engine which are also very reliable
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Honda CR-V.
Great on fuel for a 7 seater
Super reliable
Not too expensive me hanically

We have a prado and a diesel territory. Both really good but slightly different purposes. The territory was cheaper but the prado is serious 4x4 The prado has camera. Not sure what istop is but what is your budget?

Mazda MPV but not the new models, get an older one as the roof doesn’t slope down so more interior space.

Toyota Landcruiser 200 series!!!!!

 Great car, but HUGE! We sold ours and got a 79 series coz hubby wanted a ute - its also HUGE!
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I have an ISUZU MUX and love it!! Not too huge, easily maneuverable, 7 seats, good on fuel, seats can all fold flat or in any combination you need. Ive had it for 4 years now. My sister has a ford territory and she loves that

Nissan Pathfinder. Just purchased a 2019 model and it’s fantastic.

Kia Sorento - awesome on fuel, comfortable, great turning circle and huge boot