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Do you look your age ? Older or younger ?

Princess Kate has a hard face


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I don’t think Princess Kate has a hard face, I think she is beautiful. Women need to support one another not tear each other down - just food for thought!

Kate is beautiful and looks totally age appropriate.

Put your picture up & we'll all judge you

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I looked younger than my age until about 25 then I gained weight and went through a very stressful long term relationship and I aged rapidly. Now nearly 40 but look like I'm already in my 40's. Kate looks her age, we are so used to seeing celebs with botox, professional makeup and they are photoshopped.

No clue, as I'm terrible with guessing people's age by their looks.

I look young. 31 and still get asked for ID when buying alcohol. People have asked if my 9 year old son is my brother.
But I think I have lots of wrinkles when I compare myself to my 38 year old sister. We get asked who is older out of the two of us. So I can't imagine how young people think she looks lol.
My mother also looks young. A nurse asked if she was my sister when my son was born. She was 55 at the time lol.

It depends on the day and how well I’ve done my make up. I’m 28 and was asked for ID a few months ago when buying my partner smokes. Other times I get told I look a lot older. It’s a guessing game which way people will go.

Way older. Too much sunbaking when young and stress now! Hate the mirror.

I’m 46 I thought I looked around 40, my husband says late 30’s. When I told a male colleague at work I have a 16 and 14 year old he said seriously were you a teenager when you had them? That means he thought I was in my early to mid 30s lol.
I sleep, never smoked, stoped drinking alcohol and coffee and exercise.

Still get asked for ID every so often at 35 so not complaining

I’m 45. My kids say I look no older than 40 but of me and my group of friends who are same age, I look way older. I think I look late 40s.