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What's your best break up story?

A story that could be used for a movie but really happened


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Dumped all his stuff on the lawn waiting for him to return from his little date with his bit on the side. Had a nice drop of rain that day, it was awesome.

I dumped by ex while sitting in the emergency room of a hospital with a shattered ankle after the moron told me i did it deliberately to ruin his life because it meant he would have to look after me while it healed. I moved back to my mothers and he kept trying to win me back sending flowers and chocolates around. All my stuff was still in the house we shared and once I was healed and able to move it, when i showed up at the house he had changed the locks and was refusing to let me in. Had to have the police come and mediate. Because he was such a prick one of the cops asked me if I wanted to press charges of domestic violence and claim i broke my ankle after he pushed me down the stairs (i broke it because i am just clumsy).

That time he got his two friends to tell me it was over! Only to discover a few hours later that he was too gutless to face me because he had cheated on me that weekend while being away.
Or the one that disappeared for a few weeks, he got called out to work one night and didn't talk to me since then, or tell me what was going on.
He rang up a few weeks later crying and I ignored it and then he text through that he couldn't do it because it was too hard. We had only been on one date.
Or the ex who stalks me and my family still (after 6 yrs) gives my husband death threats.

Got dumped via email once. Had a 2 year relationship end when he moved out, took everything I owned with him, and never heard from him again. Had a guy give me the clap, turns out his other GF was cheating on him... i have more but, those are some of the "best"

I've only had 1 break up. He cheated on me then told me he was breaking up with me because I'd cheated on him. (This was over me texting a male friend of mine who is gay!) I found out 2 weeks later that he had actually cheated on me and dumped me to be with her. That was the moment I went 'oh well, don't care.' and started flirting with my now partner :). Even went as far as to thank the chick he cheated with. Sorry honey, he's you're problem now!

Found out my boyfriend was moving to another country when he posted it on facebook. His response was "I sent you a text!" like that was so much better. I had the best reply ever when we spoke/argued about it and I just said snootily "I hope I'm your biggest "what if" because now you'll never know how good you could have had it"

 I found out my BF (now ex) of 2 years was moving to another country when in front of me he causally said to his mate 'remember that job in Japan I told you about? I got it! I start in 3 weeks'. What an arse.
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 It sounds like he was a gutless loser.
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I got dumped and I didn't even know we were a couple... I just looked at him (after he made this long speech how we would be better seeing other people blah blah ) and was thinking what the hell are you talking about??
To me we were friends that had hooked up once together that was it...

Broke up with a guy and he tried to kill himself, so I took him back, then a few weeks later we had a fight and he hit me, so I hit him harder and left. Then we became FWB - even though we ddidnt actually have sex just foreplay and pleasing each other , he was sooo in tune with my body I could orgasm just by him touching my breasts. Then I got a real boyfriend and finally got rid of my ex!!

Broke up with a guy who was showing anger issues and he started stalking me. Dodged a bullet there :-/

It's already been a movie plot.

Asshole partner that doesn't appreciate what he has so girl breaks it off and falls for her housemate/ friend