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Do you treat Easter same as Christmas with food and entertainment?


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It's a good excuse to see family, but we don't make it a big thing. Although last year I had a baby on Easter Sunday, so I guess that was a bit fancier lol.

No way much more low key and relaxed.
Chocolate egg hunt for kids and morning tea or lunch for adults but not massive like Xmas is

Not at all. Easter is much more low key

 Yeah we are the same, usually just a nice lunch then hang out with the family
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No I'm not interested to be honest. Even though I visit family, I don't feel the need to, it's every one else in my family who goes all out, giving Easter gifts and chocolate to everyone. I'd rather just have a lovely day with my little family and forgo everyone else's expectations.

Yes, but only because my husband works away and we don’t get family dinners hardly ever and so when I get him home I do go all out

Easter is more like the engagement party to the wedding of Christmas with us.

We still make them big family events but it's not Christmas 2.0

No, but I like chocolate and public holiday penalty rates