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SMS SCAM. I am a member at cross roads and millers and get the occasional sale alerts via sms.

This morning I got a text from each, reading Millers/crossroads health essentials - hand masks, hand sanitisers etc with a link to click on. Anyone who shops at these stores know they sell clothing and accessories. My thought is that it's a scam. Has anyone else got these messages? I've deleted them and blocked them


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Hi I work for Noni which is a member of the same group of companies. It is not a scam but they are only sold online. You can get your local store to order it for you on line if you don't have access to the internet or a computer. We were told about it but I think that the text was a bit confusing given how many people rang or came in today asking about it.

 Sorry that should say Noni B's
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I have one from Rockman’s. They are selling hand sanitiser and face masks.

Considering how these items are now impossible to find in the usual places and are becoming a much sought after commodity, wouldn’t surprise me if these emails are legit and some vendours are selling things they wouldn’t ordinarily sell.

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Hi OP - it's probably a good idea to contact the stores' head offices to let them know about the scam messages so they can handle it from their end. Also contact Scam Watch.

 Hi OP here. I went into and it was on their site. I rang my local store and the lady knew nothing about it. She too looked on their site and said 'I guess we do'. Why wouldn't staff be informed of these things? Anyhoo, I won't be wasting anymore of my time looking into it 🙂
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SAHM Staff That is super weird isn't it?
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 Tell us something that isn't weird right now 😂
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 Miller’s are useless. We often don't get told about offers.
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The masks filter bacterial only and will not stop corona or any virus. You need P2 masks for viruses including Covid-19. Shame on millars to taking advantage of people. It is more dangerous to use the wrong mask and think you have protection when you do not , than wearing no mask and being more careful.

 I also think it's disgusting considering you can buy a 50 pack from a medical supply company for about $10 to $15 for 50.
& the price of the hand gel was a rip as well.
Mine was from Ladies.
Just disgusting!!!

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 That was KATIES
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I got the same text from crossroads. I didn't click the link but went to their website and it appears they are selling bulk health items.

 No we dont
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 Yes you do. Have a look in your website. Miller’s has the exact same ‘health hygiene’ section
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 I saw that too. I didn't click on anything though. The site was not secure (no https or padlock indicating a secure site)
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 ^^ I wrote that. I apologise. Maybe we are. I haven't worked this week and know nothing about it. Staff are normally told of upcoming events.
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Yes, and from Rockmans. Made me laugh.
Sad that there are scums out there doing this while people are panicking.
I truly hope they get COVID-19 big time!!

Rivers is also selling them.

 And home appliances too.

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Shame on the company who doesn't supply hand sanitiser to their retail staff yet will advertise it for sale to the public on their website! Disgusting!!!! They have lost my $$$!

I went in to Noni B to check and you actually can order them online through Noni B. If you get the store code and collect them from the store, you can avoid delivery charges. They are 100ml bottles. A pack of 10 costs $59. Delivery takes about 2 weeks. So its not spam after all.

 Its both spam and a scam. I received the sms but never signed up for such a list
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I rang the local
Stores and yes you can buy online if you check
Over priced but if desperate least can order

I ordered and paid for a pack of sanitisers from Noni B a couple of days ago. Did not receive a confirmation email as they said would happen. Paid via PayPal but few minutes later was concerned could be a scam so tried to receive refund from PayPal. There are no contact details to contact seller as there usually is. I am highly suspicious of this. Have tried to find out if is a scam but no info as yet. Think should have followed the advice 'When in doubt don't'.

I received the same text 2 days in a row, I didn't respond

Yes, I've received them as well, so have blocked as I also believe it to be a scam.

 They are not a scam, they are selling them online.
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