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Do you ever pretend you don't hear your kids calling?

Obviously not when they sound distressed or anything but more like that "muuuuum. Where's my basketball?" voice


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Yep, I've got selective hearing too. Occasionally I've said my food has got chilli or alcohol in it, so I can sit down & enjoy my own meal in peace (while it's possibly even still hot).
Before the trolls start hacking, my kids have access to plenty of food, they don't miss out.

Wait till their voice breaks and they sound like an old ram when they go MUUUM, I wish I could ignore 😂

 Holyyyy shittttt that describes my 13 year old son perfectly 😂
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When they were younger and always fighting and dobbing I would wear my husbands work ear muffs and pretend I couldn’t hear them. They’d soon shut up.

I only hide when I'm fu****g wasted. Usually cuz I'm giggling and eating their chocolate too

Yes, sometimes I hide too.

 Let's all bow down to the perfect mother. I've hidden too, I feel ya mumma!!!! Xx
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Sometimes I just pretend I'm sleeping. They're teenagers, they'll figure it out

Yeah, all the time, sometimes with my
Teenager i just flat out ignore her to her face.