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What do you hope to get for Christmas this year?

We all want happy families, world peace, and enough to go around, but what would you like under the tree with your name in it?


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I'm quite certain my husband has booked a surprise holiday, which is huge for me, not only because it's a holiday but because I am author of the thread "my husband never wants to do anything" that keeps popping up 😍 He is really trying so hard to change.

 Yes!!!! I so hope this is what he is doing. Also do you won’t be disappointed if not. Goodluck and hope it turns out to be this! X
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Single mother here with young children. I wont have anything bought for me and I've spent what I can afford on my girls so I wont be buying for myself. I'm just looking forward to having my girls this year on xmas day. Thatll do me.

 I am the same. A single Mum of 4. Every birthday Mothers Day and Xmas I get a box of chocolates which they all eat. So nothing special for me. Just lucky to have happy healthy kids who are good kind little humans.
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 You are not alone ladies, single Mum of 2 girs and as long as they are happy I’m all good!
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No debt

 Amen!! I hope you win lotto for xmas.
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My dream Christmas present is not having to go see my in laws on Christmas Day. I get that next year as we have said we are doing Christmas at our place. If they don’t rock up then obviously they don’t want to see us 🤷‍♀️ Win-win for me

Money? A new bra? Some good running shoes? A salon voucher? A flight voucher?

We don’t have much money so just a nice day playing with my toddler and no stress would be wonderful

A coffee machine. Hubby and I picked it together and I can't wait to try the Baileys coffee capsules. Yum!

A cleaning fairy. If I can’t get that some craft stuff

I’d love a pink diamond ring, or anything really that my hubby would buy without asking me exactly what I want (a cheap necklace or bag etc) some nice surprise gift would be good. But I also don’t really care too much if he doesn’t get anything. Xmas is about the kids really. I got my hubby jack all for his bday this year so don’t feel like I’m all that deserving of gifts for Xmas 😯

I have ordered a couple of small leather goods from LV. Am taking the children in to pick them up from the store ... they will be gift wrapped so they will be a ‘suprise’

 Niiiiiice ☺️
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If my husband gets me anything (even just a card), I'll be happy. Especially if he doesn't ask me what I want. We don't really do presents as we tend to buy whatever we want/need throughout the year, so anything is a bonus. Not fussed if he doesn't get me anything though.

There is a pretty pandora necklace I’ve had my eye on, but we are pretty broke at the moment, so anything would be nice.