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What is the right dog breed for us?

Ok so we are a family of five. Kids aged 7, 5 and 8 months we
are looking at getting a dog in the near future.

We are looking at a breed that is family friendly but will protect us and our home if need be, we also like to incorporate the dog into our family activites so walks, camping, fishing etc. however we would prefer a breed that doesn’t need to be inside 24/7.
What would you recommend or what breeds do you like?


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NONE. Dogs are BIG, fat, stinky, attention seeking things. Cats are 100% better and cleaner

We have an Australian Terrier, she's an awesome dog. I wouldn't trust her with chickens, but if introduced as a pup, I'm sure it would be ok. She's fine with our cat...

Maltese shih tzu. They don't shed, are very interactive and bark if anyone comes near.

I HATE staffys

 Me too. I know people who had one and it was just ENDLESS trouble and expense, destroying their yard, escaping constantly, disturbing the neighbours etc. All the bother and expensive of training, plus exercising it every day and giving the right food and stimulating toys etc, and it was still totally out of control. Clearly not the right breed for suburban family life. Plus I think they're ugly AF.
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 We switched from having labs, golden retriever Rottweiler, German Shepard and a cattle dog

We now have only Stafford terriers they have been superior in every way
Naturally gentle with kids
Can relax and chil but can be active
No health issues that are common with the breed
So low maintence
Not expensive to feed
Calm but can be playful
Guard dog
Can't catch rabbits or other animals possums and things like that.
Low maintence coat doesn't shed too bad they don't seem to smell anywhere near what some of our other breads have

I seriously cannot fault them and everyone else I know who Kwan them has the same experience

I'll never own another breed now

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We have a cattle dog. 3 kids and we go camping, fishing, hunting ect and she comes with us. Great with our cat, chickens on the other hand not so much. One got out of the pen and all I found from it was a few feathers and a bit of it's intestine so we've had to really make sure they can't get out and she can't get in. Also very easy train as they are smart dogs, but have to keep her stimulated as she will tear the yard apart if she isn't. Learnt that the hard way lol

American bulldog beautiful bread great with kids have a read up about them.

 Than you will do
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Jack Russel. Does not take up alot of room in the car for camping trips fishing etc. Lot on energy. Eats alot less then bigger dogs. So for protection the bark is the main thing but a dog bite a dog bite.

 I will add pound puppies are alway a good option.
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OP Yes they are another breed but thought they may be too nippy fornkids?
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 We had 2 jack russels they both love kids never had a problem. First i heard of jack russel been temperamental or nippy. Any dog can be temperamental and with jacks all kids can push them away and say down.
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 We have had a few jack russells and they have been nippy with little kids and not from being provoked. I feel like they have a case of small man syndrome
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You sound just like us and we are going to get a German Shepard. As a pup though so it can be trained by me and assimilate into our lifestyle from the start!! We love animals and it will be a great addition, as well as being protective!

OP HUbby had a German Shepard for 13 years and loved that dog. So we are considering that breed
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 I agree German shepherds are an awesome dog, great for families, very protective, loyal affectionate, just a great well rounded dog. We had them for 15 years and absolutely love the breed.
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OP I’m becoming more convinced now just to save up $2000 plus
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We have a similar lifestyle to you (and 6 year old, 3 year old and 5 week old). We have a Moodle. He was a little nippy at first but we easily trained him out of it very quickly.
We are looking at getting another dog soon and will be going for a Cavoodle as we think it's his Maltese side that makes him nippy (have met a few Cavoodles now and none of them nippy).

Friends of ours have a cavoodle. She loves camping, walking, playing with the kids, lives in and outside and they have chickens and ducks! She has been fine with them all. She can get clipped, so easy to take everywhere.

OP Thank you sounds like a great dog
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Op here I should add we have a cat and chickens as well but chickens spend most of their time in the pen

Jack Russell’s are such a great family pet. Not too big but full of life and energy. Loyal to all family members and will definitely let you know if someone is about.

 I’m just worried about how they can be a bit temperamental has that happened with your children?
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If you have chickens and a cat don't get a German Shepard, no amount of training will help they won't be able to resist.

 We had a german sheppard with 2 cats and chickens. She loved going in the chook pen and eating the scraps too. She never once tried to attack the chickens. Left the cats alone too.
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OP How did you introduce her to the cats and chickens?
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 We had a German shepherd and she would herd our chickens back into their coop at the end of the day, not once did she hurt them if anything she was very protective of them. They were her herd to look after and she did so until the day she passed.
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