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As far as you know, do your teens (particularly boys) still wear some type of clothing to bed? Or is sleeping completely naked the norm by then?

I recently pressed our 16-yo son about why I haven’t seen the new pajamas he got for Christmas in the laundry yet, and he confessed that he’s slept in the nude since he was 12! So, because he’s been too embarrassed to voluntarily clue me in, I’ve wasted money on sleepwear that’s never been worn all these years! Wondering if this is something I should have automatically assumed, or if it’s just an odd preference unique to him.


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This is the 3rd post about boys sleeping naked. Get over it. Let it go

 Yes she seems overly concerned about it
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I think my concern is youre still choosing your 16 year olds clothes? They are 16! Surely they get some choice over what they would like to wear!?

 ^my three girls and I
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 ^?? But yeah I kind of agree
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I and my three girls all sleep naked. The girls started it first and i now do it too, and its the best!

 My three girls and I
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An odd preference ?? Sleeping naked??? I think its odd to get dressed to go to bed.

All my teenagers sleep naked.
Only my 11 year old sleeps in pyjamas sometimes, usually just shorts though

There is nothing wrong with sleeping nude. Really, who cares what the majority of his peers do. You’re over analysing it and making it a bigger deal than it is. It’s really no surprise he has been too embarrassed to tell you. Leave it be. And stop buying him PJs .