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Do u just eat fish today???


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I'm vegetarian, no fish for me, I don't enjoy eating dead animals 💀

 I do
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 My husband has currently been deployed for over 4 months and they really only feed them chicken. He sent me numerous messages last night telling me how much he misses eating baby sheep cause baby sheep are yummy (thats terminology he used) im not the hugest lamb fan but will eat it.
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Does anyone really know for sure what no meat on Good Friday really means? So many theories, and I’ve heard all of those mentioned here before, And who cares, just hand over the chocolate bunnies 🐰

I've been religious my whole life and I've never heard of this. Must be a catholic thing. No instructions about it given anywhere in the Bible as far as i know. But then celebrating Easter at all was not part of my particular denomination either. It has roots in pagan fertility/spring festivals (hence the rabbits and eggs).

 Always wondered where the bunnies and chickens came into it bahah thanks!
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We eat fish on Fridays anyway as a reminder of Jesus many miracles. Like when he fed 5000 with only 3 loaves of barley bread and 2 fish. Good Friday, in particular, as someone else said, is because when Jesus died on the cross, He sacrificed His flesh to save humanity. It's considered to be in very poor taste to eat meat today, at least in our house. I wouldn't deny any visitors meat if they specifically asked for it, but for us and our children, we abstain.

 Hahaha! Oh sorry you're delusional
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 Hahahaha! Oh sorry, I don't give a f**k what you think 😉
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It's not about eating fish so much, more about not eating meat.
But all Catholics (18-59yrs, not pregnant or breastfeeding and in good health) should fast for Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.
I actually only found this out last year, and I was raised Catholic lol, so I don't know if many do?

 f**k that, I aint fasting for shit
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 My gran is 93 and still fasts on Good Friday.
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why do you heathens care anyway? Most of you don't even believe in Jesus Christ or God!

 You don’t need to be religious to follow traditions no matter where they come from.
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I thought the religious connotation actually came from Jesus dying on the cross on ‘good friday’ and therefore not eating ‘meat’ ?

According to Christianity, Jesus sacrificed sacrificed his flesh for our sins, so followers should abstain from meaty flesh on Good Friday.

Fish, as it comes from the sea, is perceived to be a different kind of flesh, therefore it’s okay to eat it

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 Thats really only Catholicism.
Most protestant denominations dont follow it. It has no biblical connotations its meerly a tradition that developed.

Im a christian and ate chicken for lunch.

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Yes, but only because our tradition is to have fish and chips with my MIL on Good Friday. Nothing to do with religion. And as far as I know, the fish thing on Good Friday stems from biblical times but isn’t in itself religious. People were asked to eat only fish on fridays to support fishing industry.

 The loaves and fishes parable??
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 The what?
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 Nah its a catholic lent tradition. Traditionally during lent they fasted and didnt eat meat and back then apparently fish wasnt considered meat so they could still eat fish.
As time wore on it progressed in main stream catholicism to just ensure they observe no meat on good fridays.
These days lots of people eat fish on goodfriday despite having no religious association with it.

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The only meat we eat is fish. We obviously eat other things too though.