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Partner can’t come

My partner used to be able to come normally, now for some reason he comes so quickly he likes to get out so many positions to ‘last longer’
I’m worried he might be masking some issue here.. anything I should be worried about?


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Mine has the opposite problem of not cumming. I think it comes down to him watching alot of porn. I know he will finish from that.

 How sad :(
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Definetly buy some lingere and go to bed before him. When he gets under the sheets start to touch his penis and work your way down to suck his c*!k. When you get up force his hand to your vag so he can finger you. Once your wet get on top of him and ride like you have never ridden before!! Thats should make him come! Actually explode!!

 The problem is he comes too quick
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 After he comes have a dildo handy and ask him to watch you finish..
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Its either there is something medically wrong or he could be getting it somewhere else and its better so when he cant come with you he just tries wishes you would finish so he can get on with whatever else he needs to do..

Maybe play with his penis before hand and see if that make him less senstive.

 That makes it happen even quicker!
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Get down on him put on some sexy lingire let him watch you touch yourself.. Make it intresting.. He is probably bored..

 This will make him come before they even start
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