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Grandson has just been circumcised. Grandfather (husband) feels like he was violated. HE was done as a child, hates his parents for doing it to him. We never had our son circumcised because we felt it was cruel

Hubby feels so angry at our daughter in law, I just tell him that I too am sorry he had to have it done, but we cant interfere in their business, it was ultimately their decision. He is just so angry that he states that when they have another child and it could be a girl that she should be circumcised as well. We feel if only they asked our opinion or advice we could have explained our opinion, and saved the poor little boy so much. Our son never had problems with cleanliness etc, was taught from an early age about hygiene.


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My parents stopped me from having my son circumcised which was a choice I wanted to make when he was born. I didn’t end up having it done. I taught my son to clean and wash himself properly. He hasn’t had any issues and he is now 11 but my husband was circumcised later at 15 apparently and unfortunately he has major sensitivity issues and scarring. I feel like it should now that is should only be done of there are medical issues and that otherwise it should be left alone. As long as a parent teaches their child to wash and clean themselves and how to pull their foreskin back to avoid shrinking and not being able to clean there is no issue. I feel like circumcision is another lazy parent tactic anything to take a short cut

I don’t agree with circumcising either.
It’s abuse.
Unless a person makes the decision themselves- it’s assault and perverted to need to do such.

If you'd circumcise a female then circumcise a male. End of story.

 Actually not the same thing
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 Doesn’t matter if it’s not the same- it’s sick.
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 Actually both are mutilation
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 Maybe in your mind, but literally, no, they're very different. A circumcised male can have a normal sex life. A woman who has undergone FGM can't.
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 You can't reattach the foreskin at age 20!

I honestly do not understand why people think it's okay to have a say in an infant males genitals!

We as women want men to stop having a say in what happens in relation to our female bodies, yet y'all think it's your right as the mother to purposely alter your sons anatomy!

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 You don't need to sew it back on? It still works 100% fine without it.

Female genital mutilation involves slicing off the clitoris and sewing up the labia so pee and menstrual fluid can't be evacuated properly, nearly always leading to infections and other complications.

Male circumcision involves removing a small fold of skin that doesn't affect the ability to pee or ejaculate. Men who had it done as adults reported little or no difference in sexual satisfaction.

Regardless of whether you believe it's necessary or morally right to circumcise, can you see that there's a big difference between these two procedures? Please stop comparing them. It's insulting to the women who have suffered their whole lives. "Oh yeah you can't even pee except in a trickle but think of what this POOR MAN HAS BEEN THROUGH living without his skinflap!!!!!"

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