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Oven cleaning.

What actually works????
I tried bicarb and vinegar and while I could get some off some stuff needs something stronger!!


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I do bond cleans and as soon as i go in about 7am i spray the oven with mr muscle oven cleaner and about 12/1 depending on how bad it was i will check it and basically in years ive never scrubbed a oven. It just wipes off when its left on.

OP Thanks I'll give it a try
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Oven cleaner. I've tried all the homemade cleaners everyone swears by, but oven cleaner is the only product I find does the job properly.

We use all Non-Toxic, Non-Caustic and Eco-Friendly products. The whole over is dismantled - Side panels, back panel, fan/fan cover and all trays and racks. They are then soaked in a stainless steel heated dip tank (which has our Non-Toxic & Non-Caustic products in it) in the back of van for about 30 minutes then scrubbed with warm water behind our van. While those parts are being cleaned outside we have another oven specialist inside cleaning the internal cavity and removing the door and removing the panels of glass in the door to clean individually. From start to finish it takes us around 2 to 2 and a half hours to bring a oven, Stovetop and Range Hood back to near showroom condition.

Get enjo marble paste that stuff is amazing!! My oven was gross from last owners. I used three cans of the mr muscle stuff and it was still gross (plus that stuff is so toxic) but the marble paste got it amazing in one go.

OP Awesome. Where do I buy that from?
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 The enjo website, or find an enjo representative near you, it's not sold in stores. It is expensive- $40 I think BUT before you faint spending that much on a cleaner you only use a little bit and it's lasted me two years!
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