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Do you stock up on chicken nuggets chicken strips etc and chips for lazy days ?


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Yeah I have started doing this recently. Once I cottoned on to the fact maccas costs us about $50, where as woolies frozen chicken nuggets and chips costs under $10.
I know it's there incase I'm having a rough day a just need something to be a bit easier.

I always keep food in the freezer like fish, chips, pizza, pies etc. It's also handy for days I'm sick and hubby gets home late, he can just chuck stuff in the oven. We also always have the frozen peas, corn and carrot mix, so they also get cooked (microwave) to make it a meal.

Yeah, I always have a box of fish, bag of chips/wedges and usually a pack of ravioli in the freezer. We have just moved and I haven't grabbed a box of nuggets or fish fingers yet 😝 we love fish finger and Mayo sandwiches in this house. Even better if there us some lettuce around too. We usually have one lazy night a week. Tonight is ravioli night lol

I usually have a pack of frozen chips, nuggets and a box of party pies and sausage rolls in the freezer for lazy dinners. I tend to use them on the days where I have work and uni on and am out of the house from 6am-6pm.

I just cook these plus give the kids a little container of cut up fruit and veg and they have that for dinner. Easy to cook, minimal clean up, full tummies and happy kids. definitely not the most nutritious but we have to cut ourselves some slack some days ☺️

My kids have hemp seeds and pasta on these nights lol

 That’s actually a pretty good idea lol I’m going to use that one
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 Hemp seeds? Tell me more...
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 Sounds like bird seed
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 We put them in a lot they are a really good source of nutrition.

And I usually chop up whatever we have (we do have an avocado tree and healthy tomatoe vines) or there almost always a tomatoe.
So I just chop one or all and mix it with the pasta, salt and pepper and the kids love it.

They also just have pasta and hemp seeds as a side for some meals

But it’s my go to can’t be fu***d

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 Can i get hemp seeds in the supermarket? Thanks for this idea
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I always have veggies chopped and ready to steam, pasta and rice cooked and in the fridge... From that i can make so much with no effort..

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 I have veggies that last 3 days in my fridge before the kids devour kilos of carrots and capsicums and I shop once a week/week and a half.
I could never "always" have veggies chopped up and ready to go 😁

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 Yep, always.... always have broccoli, cauliflower and carrots ready to go, and ususally something else, what ever is in season..
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I don’t. I tend to cook extra the night before if I want a lazy day the day after.

 Ooo good idea
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 My family are puppies 🙄 they eat more if i cook more
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No, but I have stuff like soup, lasagna, rissoto, chilli con carne, pizzas, dumplings, spring rolls, that I have made /pre cooked in the freezer for nights that I don't have time or don't feel like cooking.

 Hate frozen cooked meals
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 Pointless opinion, who cares what your food preference is?!
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 I love frozen lasagna
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 Frozen lasagna is eatable but love is a strong word for that concoction. I love woodfired lasagna from our local pizza shop. Tastes like an Italian nana made it.
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I do stock up on quick, simple items like these, but I find I rarely use them on lazy days. They are great on crazy days, though. We often have days where every one is eating at different times due to school, sport, lessons, recitals, work, etc. It's nice to have things that the older kids can cook when they need it and that the littler ones will eat without a battle, especially when I'm spread thinner than hot peanut butter!

I have tins of tuna and make pasta bake when I can't be f-ed. My husband does shopping, sometimes he gets nuggets etc but they usually go quickly cos everyone hates cooking at mine lol

I stock up on eggs.
Always rice and pasta and veggies in freezer and fridge. Healthy and filling.