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Wedding invite

I’ve been invited to a friend's wedding.
The invitation states I've been invited to the marriage ceremony at 2pm and to the evening celebration at 8pm.
Not invited to have a meal

How much money would you give them ?


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I’d give them a $20 Bunnings voucher. It’s not like you are going to celebrate the start of their married life with them, just for the free feed.

I love Bunnings

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 Would give them $100 if I was invited for a meal
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 20 bunnings voucher - I've done this.
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Are you literally pissed that your not being fed for free? What's the point of even going at all if all you think about is the free food? What a shabby character

Are you sure you don’t get a meal? Or are you assuming that because the celebration starts at 8? But either way, youre celebrating with them, give them something nice. You’ll probably get loads of drinks.

HOw sad you are asking how much you should give based on not being part of the whole day . It’s a bit weird, I’ve not heard of inviting someone to the wedding, and the party but not the actual meal. But it isnt unusual to just invite some to the ceremony and not reception though.

I also find it sad that there is this expectation that you need to give a certain amount. That is what has happened with the popularity of wishing wells. I say just give whatever you want.

 There might not be a formal meal, so she's invited to the same as everyone else. It might be a cost saving thing, only having to provide finger food instead of meals. But I agree, just give what you want.
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