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Have you used a male prostitute?

I've been single for a while and I'm starting to get pretty itchy! I'm not really into one night stands and I'm not interested in (nor do I know how to find) a casual buddy - it always ends up conplicated; so I thought maybe a male prostitute would be worth a try. Something about it being a business transaction makes me more comfortable with it.

Just wondering what other people's experiences have been like? Was it what you expected? Were they good?
(I'm also a bit nervous about spending the money and then it turns out he's not that great and can't get me there anyway!)
AND I'm a bit nervous about getting naked in front of a stranger - how did you deal with that?


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Is this coming from my suggestion on another thread by chance?
Mine starts with massage to relax which helps because the first few times it was getting relaxed with the situation.
Try find one at a brothel, more professional.

 OP - I haven't seen it mentioned on any other posts but thanks for the tip.
Do they usually offer the massage or do you have to ask for it?
Do you feel weird afterwards? How do you go about finding a brothel? I did a google search and couldn't find a single one in my state.

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 I googled brothels Brisbane. Felt no different to a one night stand. Don't need the fuss of texts and all that after. I can be completely selfish and be clear what I want and not have to please him or her... a female with a strap on can be fun too (just saying 😅)
Basic service is usually massage, oral and penetrating you (digital penetration if your with a girl)
Toys etc is an extra, you discuss all that first.
You need to call brothels to get details as they are not allowed to be explicit in advertising (in qld anyways)
Where are you located?

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 Go to and search for male prostitues and see if they are in a brothel. Can check xxx reviews or punter planet for reviews to see if they are any good :)
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I used a male prostitute who was 15 years older (61 years old) while his age might be off putting for some ladies I can honestly say he was amazing at oral and sex and I gave me multiple orgasms with both oral and sex. First time he gave a boyfriend experience, he suggested it & I think was great because it me ease into through out time spent with him. I have been using his services for the past 8 months and I can highly recommend him. He rate $350 for 1 to 2 hrs, I have him for 4 hrs for $450 which allows enough time for a drink, chat, cuddling & kisses before getting to the rest, then a cuddle & chat afterwards which what I prefer. I’m sure he would work around what you want. I hope this helps

No, but I would. I've been watching the Stan show Gigalos - OMFG - it sounds AMAZING!!!! It's a service - why not!

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I can help you out. 28, attractive fit and good company.

Aren’t you worried about stds? I would be so paranoid! I definitely wouldn’t let them do oral- at least just stick with fingers and a condom wrapped schlong...

 Escorts use dental dams when going down on a lady. Doesn't look appealing but it does the job
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I havent used one personally but my husband has. Its good because you know up front what to expect. But it does take the spontanaity away from it and is realy impersonal.

I've never been with a male prostitute before but I want to. I'm curiou but that's because I'm a prostitute myself so I'm curious what it's like to bea paying customer.