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My mind is boggling right now. Yes, I'm an idiot, it's okay, I know.

So like, you know how guys check out girls? (Yes I know it also works other ways too)
And how guys also wank?
Think of every time a guy has checked you out. It NEVER occurred to me that the guy who used to check me out in high school (just as an example) would have possibly wanked over me. Whoa.
Wild. Sorry to interrupt your evenings.


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A guy once told me he had a wet dream about me. That freaked me out. I was 16 and pretty naive. How does one respond ?? “Thanks?”

I have honestly never thought about it, but I'm also pretty sure no one has ever checked me out, so I think I'm safe 😂

 Same here. It is a miracle I got married.
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Don’t apologize the day I realized I was shocked too. Maybe this is why some countries cover their woman up, they know men are pigs and you can change the man.

Are you in Perth and just read Community News? About the bloke who got caught wanking in his vehicle after he saw a attractive woman? Lol ... i read that and it blew my mind too lol

 I AM in Perth but I haven't read that.... and now I'm going to. Lol. I was watching Bring It On and the scene where Missys brother is laying in bed smiling about Torrance. And I thought "bullshit he'd be having a toss, not smiling like a goose". And then it hit me.
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 Lol! Defo go look at The Community News paper hahhaha... the bloke was like 65 or something too! He thought the tint on his window made him invisible...
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 Im in Perth and saw that story. Also happened at my local shops a few weeks back. ( different guy ) So gross.
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 Men are pigs, even the good ones are bad.
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I’m not sure what the shock and horror is? Guys wank. They have something in their mind when they do it, so why wouldn’t it be someone they have seen they found to be attractive.

 I'm not horrified, just amused. It never occurred to me that they could think about normal average people whilst doing it. Like, having a pull while thinking about Scarlett Johannson? Absolutely. Having a pull thinking about Jane Regular? Whaaaaat? I'm both flattered and amused by this.
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 maybe men find women who are more attainable than movie stars more of a turn in? I dunno, I don’t understand your surprise,
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