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Buying for grandad?

Need some idea's on what to get my daughters grandad. (Hubby's dad/my father inlaw)
Something meaningful. We cant think of anything. He is old. A great grandad. But he already has every tool you can think of + some. Doesnt want for anything, isnt into massages ect, wont do anything that might get his heart pumping, and ive run out of "best grandad" presents.


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A photo shoot to get some nice family pics of him and his brood :) he would love that, and the pictures of your daughter and her granddad would be priceless

you could get one of those books made up out of your photos and add some nice quotes or something

A nice pot plant with the pot decorated by your daughter

Those massaging pad things that you can put on chairs, my grandfather has one and loves it especially after looking after his sheep and his garden all day (he is a young 89) also the feet circulation booster machine.

My partner is thinking a watch, i thought of a 'this grandad belongs to (insert daughters name)' key ring, or a dog tag to go on his medical necklace.
But the amount of gifts he has gotten our daughter (has been collecting through the year)
It just doesnt seem enough. Have given him enough coffee cups, photo books, photo calanders ect to last a life time.

What does everyone think of a hamper
Towel, (ideas on a nice having gel please)
Multi tool, tea, coffee cup, hand made biccies
Any other cool little ideas?

I've gotten onto snapfish and had coffee mugs with a picture of my in-laws holding my daughter printed onto it for Christmas. I literally had no idea what to get them and they are both coffee drinkers so it worked well 👍

-dvds! Do up a movie pack of dvds from his fav actor or genre with some lollies or chocolate
-jersey or shirt from his favourite sporting team
-if he loves coffee buy vouchers for various coffee shops in his area
-movie and dinner voucher
-photo book (big w and vista print both sell these)

OP Thankyou i loved all these ideas but he isnt into anything like that. He is quite a boring man, not many likes ect.
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 Oh dear, no wonder you are having trouble buying him presents. Maybe just a food hamper (everyday foods that he eats) or a voucher for the fruit & veg shop or butcher (haha, I am trying to think practical).
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Funeral plot

OP He would lrobably find this practical lol. If only you knew him youd laugh to 😂
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