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Feeling flat

How do you give yourself a little confidence boost? Maybe you do something special with your make up? Maybe you get a pedicure? Maybe you're into buying new clothes? What do you do when you feel flat, and want to feel pretty again?


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I get a hair cut and a new outfit.

If I'm really flat I leave the kids home with DH for the afternoon and go to a cafe with my bestie.

I do my nails, have a bath with a magazine or put a tint through my hair.

pamper night! lush bath bomb, face mask, hair mask, body scrub and mani pedi while i watch trash tv

Eyelash extensions and an eyebrow wax.

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Haircut and eyebrow wax if I have time if not facial at home

I tint my eyelashes, trim my fringe if needed and trim and paint my toenails. Also a treatment in my hair, then blowdry nicely. Early night with a book, baby's sleep permitting!