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Has anyone had whiplash before?

My neck is so sore! Woke up like it the other day, it was all around my neck then but now its on the right side of my neck. Every movement hurts. What will help me?


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Firstly a dr can refer you to a physio and there is a lot physios are able to do. Secondly when I have neck pain I put a heat pack on my neck, or usually lay down with one under my neck to preven my neck from being pushed forward under the weight. If that doesn’t help with a few days or so I actually go and get a mani/ pedi so the massage chairs can massage me usually that combined with the heat pack loosens the muscles and I end up with pretty nails.

 You can go to a Physio without a referral. Look for one that does more than a rub & acupressure. I got onto a Physio that looked at whole body movement before looking at adjustments. They fixed in one session what my old Physio couldn't fix in 2 months of regular visits.
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Have you been in a car accident? You should go see a dr.

 No but had a bumpy ride in a truck last week. It didn't hurt until a few days later though so I don't even know if that was the cause. Don't really want to see a Dr I don't think there is much they can do.
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 It would be like doing a big lot of exercise- you don't really feel it until 2-3 days later. I'd go to a physio or a masseuse.
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