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Need help with a diagnosis please for my 4.5 year old. He is constantly hitting other kids and then when you speak firmly with him he says sorry and that he wont do it again.. but does it again 30 seconds later.. its non stop

If i take him to park he is always out of hit and punch other kids. He cant still and still speaks like a baby.. so only when we speak he copies it. He cannot feed himslef.. but this is lazy parenting. He cant stand getting his hands or himself dirty.. even if he gets a piece of banana on his hand he starts screaming.
He doesnt listen to anything! He will listen then and immediately aftet he forgets. He backchats and is full on!


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Good on you for seeking help. Definitely go to your GP and get referrals to a pediatrician. Some children can't cope in social situations due to all of the diagnoses mentioned above, but there are services/supports to help you. You probably need some counselling as well. Good luck

See your GP and get some referrals for evals. I suggest OT, speech, and behavioural psych. We could all guess, but experts will know. It could be nothing, only(or favorite or youngest)-child-itus, as my mum calls it. Or it could be ASD, ADHD/ADD, sensory, processing, social, or emotional... genetic, etc.

Hard to say at this age if hes just bratty and trying to assert his power over others (as is normal at this age). See your doc and get some help but maybe hang off on chasing a diagnosis until he has matured (usually not till 7 in boys ). Get help with his behavior and maybe develop a 'parenting plan ' that is developed with the help of an OT or another professional that details how you and his other carers will deal with his poor behavior when it happens. Its hard to manage kids bad behavior and it can be embarrassing, but often times proper support through their formative years can help set them uo for how to manage their own behavior when they have matured. Diagnosis and labels are not always accurate or warranted when a child is stjll learning how the world works

 An ot will also be able to assess his adl skills such as feeding himself, dressing himself etc. Kids get a great sense of accomplishment when they gain independence and it's important they are encouraged to do so. Many will suggest 'jobs' for reward for the kids to instill a sense of responsibility and accomplishment which can go a long way in dealing with behavioral issues
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Have a look into Sensory Processing Disorder, he sounds like he's having difficulty with tactile senses but seeking physical input which is the hitting etc. Get a referral as occupational therapy should help.

I would get a referral as soon as you can. Diagnosis' can take a while to happen so you need to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. I think it sounds more like Autism than ADHD. However, they can be comorbid alongside sensory issues and lacking appropriate social skills or understanding social cues.

Smacking does NOT work on children especially those on the spectrum. Why smack a child to teach them smacking isn't allowed? If he isn't able to process the fact he shouldn't smack others 30 seconds after he has apologised than smacking him is not going to sink it either. My son was exactly the same so other discipline needs to be implemented instead.

ADHD? Sounds a lot like a child I used to work with who had severe ADHD, could not be left alone for a second or you would find him hurting another child. Nothing worked but meds unfortunately. And his parents smacked etc, 3 siblings were fine just this kid was up the walls. And very immature for his age. Don't let anyone say lazy parenting, if that were true he would be feeding himself. Ask to see a specialist.

I agree with the previous post. You need to have him evaluated by a specialist ASAP. He might simply need to learn some coping mechanisms to handle his anger or he could have some developmental problems. Either way it is only going to get worse as he gets older. You need direction in how to handle him and he needs help now before it goes any farther. Hugs and good luck!

You need to get e referral from your GP to a child specialist as soon as possible. From what you have said it sounds like he might be developmentally delayed, or he could be somewhere on the autism spectrum. Either way that would be very difficult to live with and his behaviour is socially unnaccceptable.
I know what I would have done by now, but that is not an acceptable form of discipline these days. But I am convinced there are some children who will not modify their behaviour until there are painful consequences for them if they continue it.

 Op here- thanks! He has been smacked and other consequences but within a minute he does it again. He is not shy.. towards adults or children.. he thinks all the kids are his friends.. but continues to annoy them, runs away with their toys when they offer to play with him, pushes and hits
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