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Sex during pregnancy

Is it common to not want sex at all during pregnancy . We’re 7 months in and it hasn’t happened at all. I love her but 7 months with nothing is tough.


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Yep, I wasn't into it at all. Then didn't have sex till about 5 months after baby was born, so I'd try make peace with the idea it may not happen for a long time. Find other ways for you two to be intimate. I know not having sex can be tough, but so is carrying a baby for 9 months and giving birth.

 100% I know it’s 100 times harder. Thanks for answering
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 Lol we legit had sex like twice that year, got pregnant with Bubba off one of those times and didn't have sex again until bubba four months!
However that was a combination of both of us. He was off sex for ages, by the time he was into it again id gone off it!
Was a long year and a bit

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I spent both of my pregnancies wondering when I would get those super horny hormones I’d been hearing pregnant women get. Sadly it was the complete opposite for me. I’ve never felt so unsexy as when I was pregnant.

Very common. With my first 3 I would do anything to get out of sex. With my 4th I couldn’t get enough though, it was really weird. Every pregnancy is different though. And the aftershave my ex husband used to wear would also give me severe morning sickness, that turned me off him for my whole pregnancy even when he wasn’t wearing it.