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What would you do?

If you had 12 yes to a party and 6 showed up only.

No one called or text to say they couldnt make it just silence and no shows. And no replied to texts today.

I had to pay for 12 kids as per conditions which meant I paid $150 for nothing. As a single mum I had it aside for the party and while i was happy to pay $250 for 12 kids to have fun having to blow $150 for no shows it makes me angry.

Im really disappointed I think its wrong to not even text and make some excuse up.

Since his two best friends didnt show do I assume they dont want to stay in touch given we are moving??


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That shits me. People who don’t have common courtesy really are the lowest of the low. I personally don’t say anything to these people, ever again. I ignore them and make it very obvious that they’re pieces of shit. Not necessarily the most mature or adult thing to do but I don’t believe there are any excuses to reach adulthood without basic manners.

Send them a message but be polite. "Hi it was disappointing not seeing so and so at my sons party if next time you are unable to make it a text message would be appreciated so I don't have to pay for extra people. Thank you." Something along those lines as your moving you really have nothing to lose.

 yes i would do that too
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I accidentally forgot to rsvp for a party recently. My child obviously didn't go. I actually completely forgot about the party altogether. I found the invite at the bottom my childs bag after the fact. I felt rotten. I texted the parent and apologized and bought the birthday kid a very small gift for my child to give her. My own child was distraught she didn't get to go. Point being I felt terrible for not rsvping but to say you are coming and not turning up at all when it has been paid for, with not so much as a text is a whole new level of rude. I don't think OP is overreacting at all. $150 is a lot to throw away.

Send them a bill for the cost of the party. People are so self absorbed and rude.

It would be very frustrating but I think you sound a little worked up. Just give yourself some time to calm down before you make any decisions to say anything.
Unfortunately there's not really anything you can do about it now. Just let it go and take the lesson into the future.

  Im sure if you were in the same boat you would be a bit miffed too. Esecially when u have a special needs child who doesnt understand why their best friend didnt show up after saying they would be there.
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 I agree, it’s not nice but it’s pretty common. Making a scene would just make you look like a crazy person. I think with a special needs son you’ll have challenges socially let alone having people avoid you because you got upset about a party. None of them considered that you are a single mum when they didn’t show up. They wouldn’t have shown up if you were partnered either. I think you’ll be more rational after you’ve slept on it.
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 I don’t blame her for being worked up. How rude to not turning up to a party you said yes to, especially one that the host needed to pay admission for.
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 Yes I would be annoyed to. But I'm just not sure what the OP expects anyone to tell her to do about it? Send them letters demanding they pay the money like a crazy person? Phone them individually and blast them so she can isolate her child even more?
Yes, it sucks. Yes, it's frustrating. But there's not really anything you can do so don't waste any more time being caught up on it.

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 She said she’s moving so I don’t think isolating her child from her current classmates is really an issue. Maybe she just wants these parents to realise how rude ithey were.
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 what 'lesson' should she take exactly? People responded that they were coming, so how was she to know otherwise.
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I’d send them a text saying my son was disappointed they couldn’t come but that your son is looking forward to receiving his birthday present at school tomorrow 😂

This is just so rude! There is no excuse at all to not rsvp or send a txt to say you aren’t coming! Everyone is around their phone!
I would just ignore them and let your boy make new friends where he is moving to.
It’s such an effort and time consuming job organising parties these days.
I’m new to it all this year as my daughter stated full-time school she hasn’t been invited to a few which sux (but I understand not everyone can)
Good luck and it sux u wasted ur money!