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Does anyone else have a huge list of food they can't pack for school, because of allergies?

My kids class can't pack nuts, seeds, berries, citrus, fish, egg, and today dairy was added to the list. It makes me laugh as the poor kid doesn't actually have any allergies and gets a bit ostracized because of it. His mum gets anxious and if her son gets a rash or feels sick after eating something she says he is allergic. Who else has a long list??


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Maybe you should speak to the principle and suggest they insist that the parent have a letter from the family doctor confirming allergies. Our daycare does this, if it does not cause anaphylaxis the food is not banned.

 Agree, it shouldn't be banned just on the word of the parent.
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 ESP if it’s minor rashes. The kid needs to learn not to touch others foods and the class needs to learn hygiene. My son has grown out of his serious egg allergy, still gets rashes and hives but doesn’t stop breathing. He was in a daycare setting before he began to grow out of it. I never even asked for eggs to be banned, they had an epipen if needed.
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 Yeah I agree with this! Other kids may have foods they dont tolerate well either, so if evryone does this then whats left they can eat.
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School is the beginning of real life for kids out of their parents watchful, protective eye. I think schools (and kids) would be better off if no sharing was reinforced and clean hands/face after lunch. Any child with a severe allergy would have an epipen on hand if the need arose.

 My niece is allergic to egg, dairy, nuts and soy. Her mother doesn't expect parents not to bring foods containing these things to school because she is exposed to them every day. No food is to be shared and hands washed.
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Hmmm, our school have kids with allergies and you are allowed to send the food but you have to wash your hands afterwards. Depends if they are anaphalactic I suppose. Only nuts are banned.

Oh my goodness. We moved to a country school and they are so chill.... I don't pack nuts because our old school didn't want them, but they haven't said or written anything. Perhaps they don't have an anaphylactic kid.
I'm surprised the school is banning all that stuff without a doctor sending in the anaphylaxis plan if it's just mum saying it?

Wait, what do you pack him then? Sorry, I'm just curious, I pack my kids most of the things you mentioned are banned at his school. So I have no idea what you'd pack. Bananas?

No, we don’t thankfully. My son has Coeliacs disease so obviously cannot have gluten, there are two other kids in his class who aren’t allowed gluten, no idea if they are coeliac or not. One of those kids can’t have dairy. There is also another girl not allowed dairy and another kid not allowed eggs. And that is just one class! Despite that, we do not have any bans. Not even nuts are banned. We are asked that if we are bringing something in like Birthday cupcakes to make sure they are nut free but other than that, it is eat what you want.