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Do you send your child to school on their Birthday?

My Eight (nearly nine) year old is in Grade Three. Coming up is the first birthday where she really doesn't want to go to school.
I have tried the whole "But then you can't give out cupcakes or get cards" thing but it isn't working, she is adamant.
Of course I'm considering just making her go to school, but whstfo other Mums do? Her birthday is actually the Friday before school ends for the year so I am really considering letting her stay home.
This will also be her last birthday where she is an only child, so I'm hoping to make it even more special for her.


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Mine get a choice, as long as there is no exams or anything on the day then i let them stay home. We don't always go out and do stuff, sometimes it's just nice to be able to stay home and relax for the day.

I totally get the argument that adults don't get a day off work for their birthdays, but adults are grown up and have responsibilities, they should also understand why they can't just take a day off.
Childhood doesn't last forever, treat kids like kids and let them have fun, be a little naughty and skip school sometimes for their birthdays or even just a trip to the beach. You can still teach them all the right values to ensure they grow up to be amazing adults, but learning how and when to take a break is also important.

 Depends on your job. I can take my birthday off if i want to (sometimes i do sometimes i dont)
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 i wish i can go to the beach and stay home
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 YEEEEES! THIS is great, all the other parents disagreeing with this are boring and didn't take a day off two weeks in advance. I did, I have a crap job and planned it out. All the guilt over skipping one day on their birthday gross. Let them be kids.
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I'm 34 and have never been to school or worked on my birthday.
I give my kids a choice. Birthdays are sacred.

I'd be tempted to keep her home and have a really special day with her. Especially if it's her last birthday as an only child. Yes, she'll be fine if she goes to school and it would awesome to see all of her friends... but, it's the last day of term, she won't be missing out on anything. Personally for myself and my daughter, I'd prefer to have a great day together than teach her that you have to go to work on your birthday.

OP That's what I was thinking, thank you
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My kids go to school on their birthdays. I don't think it's occurred to them to ask otherwise, probably because they know what the answer would be. I send them with a big batch of homemade cupcakes and all their friends tell them happy birthday. We celebrate after school or on the weekend. Send her, it won't hurt her and as it's the last day if term, she'll have fun and have a chance to say bye to her friends.

 Maybe its changed but when i was in primary school less than 1/4 of the class went on the last day of term.
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 It might be the norm elsewhere but it's not at our school. The majority of kids still show up the last day.
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 Lol I don't care about the majority, but my kids go last day 😂 theres 6 weeks of being at home, I'm sure you can kids can hold out one more day
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I never send my kids to school on their birthdays. It's one day out of a year that's special to them.

I would let her stay home. Its the 1 day of year when its all about them, they have to share with other family and soon siblings for Christmas and easter. I have never worked on my birthday. I always organized to have the day off usually months in advance, the one day i put myself first.

I have to work so mine generally dont have a choice. If they could choose I suppose it would depend on how many days they have had off during the year and whether they were behind or not. But hey, I dont get a day off work on my birthday and I didnt get a day off school as a kid and I survived!

I was never given the day off for my birthday growing up and I will do the same for my kids. I didn't mind going so much as you get to see your friends and everyone makes a bit of a fuss of you anyway. I would send her off, let her take a cake or something and she will have a great day I'm sure.

OP That's what I'm thinking, I'm sure that if she goes she will have a great day
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If you let her stay home this year for her birthday be prepared to have the same argument every year. Once you do it once they start to expect it everytime well at least try to get it everytime and if you keep it up then you will have to start doing the same thing with your next child. My kids love going to school on their birthday as they get to share cupcakes with their class and their teacher usually has a card signed by the class for them.

 Totally agree it's entitled and princess like. No so many people are half assed, lacking resilience, needing affirmation and attention. Unfortunately the world is a tough place, I'd rather teach my kids resilience, work ethic, yes it's your birthday, you can still show love and celebrate and make someone feel special but reality is... life goes on and the world still spins for the other billion people on the planet and shit needs to get done.
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 Wow. After reading that I am 100% confident I made the right choice letting my child stay home. It's childhood not prison, and you sound like a boring parent more concerned with the clout of society and it's expectations than actually raising a healthy happy kid. Also you sound like a miserable human, but we'll enjoy eating cake for breakfast and skipping lessons and being silly.
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Of course I do. The Education Department doesn't give exemptions for birthdays. Their education is more important. There's plenty of time after school to celebrate and for a party on the weekend.

 What's one day off though?? But dramatic saying their education is more important. Or perhaps look at it the other way a special day she gets to spend with her mum and remeber forever before mums attention is divided. Then what's more important? One of the last days of school where let's be honest it's painting Santa pictures and hardly doing anything in the last 3 weeks .

I encourage parents to take their kids off school if they feel the need it. Too much pressure and responsibility placed on our little ones. Let them be little that first 10 years of their life

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 As someone who employed a lot if people over the years, I could always tell the ones whose parents did things like letting them have a day off school versus those who knuckled down and worked when required. It's not about whether they are 5, 8, 12 or whatever age. This us about how they are made to understand the world and their place in it. Giving them a day off school just because it happens to be the anniversary of their birth is a fast road to them becoming entitled adults. Why not celebrate it on a weekend like normal people do?
Some people may think that is overly dramatic too but I base it on decades of experience. Also, it is frustrating to teachers when students miss school (yes, even a day) and when you have 30 kids in a class, that is potentially 30 times you are having to catch someone up, creating more work for the teacher (hubby is a teacher and works enough hours as it is, thanks).

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 I don't think you employ anyone.
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 In high school i got the most shifts as i was their best kitchenhand (i was working 5 shifts a week compared to every one else getting 1 or 2 and they were either the same price or cheaper to employ) im now employed full time (electrician)
My sister had 3 jobs to fund holidays in highschool and got amazing references from all of them when she moved to go to uni and got all 3 jobs she applied for and had to pick which one she wanted.

We are very hardworking people and our mum didnt make us go to school on birthdays or sports days or any other non essential day if we didnt want to.

I very much doubt you actually know which people were allowed to stay home unless you asked every single candidate that question. Even then im doubtful as with my experience in life most of the lazy sh!ts i know still attended school everyday

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 So you worked 5 days a week at school yet took the day off for your birthday? hmmm
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 My birthday was always school holidays. And i took it off work yes.
I didnt go on sports days though or last day of term if i didnt want to and mum didnt make my sister go on her birthday and I'd sometimes get her birthday off too.

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 A special day is more important than 1 day of school
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 Education is not more important than your birthday
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Yes they go to school. I don't want my kids thinking not going to school for xyz reason is ok.

 Totally. Same as not going to work - you don't go in if you are sick or something serious - not just because it's your birthday or xyz.
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I don't get a day off for my birthday so neither do my kids. They celebrate with friends then come home and have the same celebration that my husband and I get.

they should get a day off on their birthday going to school

I do make my kids go on their birthday, purely as I tell them that even as an adult you do have to go to work if it falls on your birthday. My kids don't miss out, we take them out to a nice restaurant for dinner on their birthday with family and then some years they get a party with friends on weekends.

OP We are going out for tea on the night to her favourite place. No Birthday Party however, she has an important birthday next year and I couldn't really plan a party with the risk of going into labour at that time.
It is very true, I worked my last birthday and I'm sure that her friends will make a nice deal of her if she goes.

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 I don't get this reasoning of things to be honest there's so many things kids get to do adult don't- that's ehats awesome. You can't compare one age bracket to the next
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 Birthdays aren't as special when you're an adult though. And many adults do not work on their birthday! I used to take time in lieu or an annual leave day or something like that if I had plans for my birthday.
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 LOL not all adults get to take time off when ever they choose sadly.
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 Yeah exactly, you are assuming your child will be going OK in life and be in a position where she has the luxury to put in for days off and not work her birthday as an adult. That's great...but I'd rather raise a girl that can suck it up, do what's right, have a good work ethic, not let people down, handle any situation, get stuff done, go earn some money and work hard especially if she really needs that money to support herself, instead of a day off just because it was her birthday. If she is already whinging about not wanting to go to school on her birthday, then wait until the bigger issues arise. Start caving now...look out.
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Let her have the day off, but don't tell her until the day. Best birthday surprise ever. It's one day and she is eight! Being happy is the most important part of child hood, while school is important they don't learn much more than reading writing and math that they will need later on.

 They learn discipline for one thing....
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