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Why do women paint their eyebrows on these days? Thick makeup & painted on eyebrows. I think it looks terrible. My husband doesn't like it either. Am I missing something? Opinions please.


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I tattooed my eyebrows on, saves me so much time.

 Does she mean the temporary one that lasts 2-3 days?
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 Me too. Permanent. Very expensive. But best money I ever spent.
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I talked about this on the radio, looks like a 3 year old did their makeup

Because they don't realize how silly that looks and, they don't like the way the Lord made them

Yes! I fine with a little bit of colour but the ones who go over the top and paint dark ugly eyebrows, I just don't get it

 Agreed. Some people are just trend following lemmings
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 Just for the record some of us have very dark thick eyebrows naturally. I was picked on as a kid for my thick dark eyebrow especially since I had blond hair now I'm on trend ๐Ÿ˜‚
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 ^^ I had the same experience. As I got older my hair got darker to match my eyebrows and now thick dark eyebrows are โ€œinโ€. Now whose laughing?
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Yeah I hate the really thick contoured makeup with highlights and false lashes and huge thick brows. To me it looks like a drag queen. YouTube and Facebook and Instagram etc are always suggesting makeup videos to me, oh look, here's how you can spent five hours and $200 worth of product to look like a man dressed as a woman.
I prefer simple natural looking makeup like Meghan markle's wedding look.
But if people want to do that and think it looks good I'm not going to stop them! Fashions change and some women find it fun and empowering to do their face that way so whatever, it's their face, they can do it how they want.

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 Her wedding look would have taken hours and involved a lot of product. โ€œNaturalโ€ make up is harder to achieve than a full face with contouring.
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 I know MM's would have taken hours & professionals, but it's easy to do a simplified version of the same 'look' at home. Doesn't look AS amazing when I do it (of course)!! but I think the natural look is v quick and easy. Compared to contouring & eyebrow grooming etc which seems to require a lot of time, skill & practice - if the tutorials are anything to go by!
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I just wish women didn't feel like they had to wear makeup in the first place.

I don't really like it either but I'm pretty sure the appeal is in the contouring. You can change the shape of your face completely just with a little makeup. If you have a very heavy set jaw or are very conscious of some part of your face, it'd be convenient. And you can't just highlight or shadow your face without covering it in foundation. Or you'd look like a Picasso painting.

The eyebrows though? I hate that look. So I don't do it. To each their own.

 I wonder if they'll still love it in 20 years when they look back in pictures?
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 Do you look back at pictures of your own past and criticise the makeup or do you remember the fun times you had then? I know what I think about when I see my old photos.
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 No cause i look good
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 You will look back on pictures of yourself in 20 years time and wonder why you wore that outfit or had that hair. Because fashion changes and our ideas of what looks good changes too. You might also wonder why you were so hard on yourself, ie thinking you were fat, thinking you looked old.
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 "No cause I look good" as did everyone in the 70s and 80s, who now cringe when they see that hair and those clothes ๐Ÿ˜‚
If you don't like the look, don't make yourself up that way. Simples.

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Well I disagree sorry. The thin skinny eyebrow isnโ€™t exactly in. But in saying that, I donโ€™t follow trends I try and do what suits my face, which is neither skinny nor massive and my hair colour is naturally dark and when getting make up done they always use a pencil to darken/fill in even more and I think it looks gorgeous.
Everyoneโ€™s different though. X

 Yep agree, thin skinny brow ain't in BUT, I would argue there are some horrendous gigantor painted on brows that are over the top hehe each to their own but I'd rather a natural skinny brow rather than something that looks unnatural and like it's plastered on poorly. Especially when you can see the original brow hairs/line...and the rest is just make up and pencil. I think what the poster is referring to is not the subtly 'filled/shaded' brow but those really obvious fake ones.
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 Yes! Natural. Thank you.
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 Remember the days when qwen Stefani's thin line of eyebrow hair was trendy and we all aspired to that eyebrow look? And then 20 years later none of us older girls can even grow our eyebrows back because of the over plucking abuse they endured haha.
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Wow you and your husband don't like it. These ladies better have a think about how they present themselves from now on

Itโ€™s fine you donโ€™t like it, cos how boring this world would be if we all find the same look appealing.

I work with a lot of women who go all out everyday with makeup! They look stunning. Eyebrows, eyelashes, high cheek bone looks.
Even if you aren't into the look you still can't help but look at such transformations! And EVERYONE looks, even if it's to criticise haha so the makeup gets your attention!
I don't even have a motivation to learn on the other hand

Itโ€™s just another way to make money ... start a trend and convince people to pay for it.

Because they can. I know it's so crazy that women can do whatever they want with their own bodies.

 No way? It's so weird how in theory they are free to do what makes them feel good, but in practice -because someone's husband hates it we must tear them down! DISGUSTING
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