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How’s your sex life ?


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Give each other oral 4 times a week.. he is always so hungry to give it to me even if i dont return the favour. And then always ends up with me riding him . Have to do it once kids are asleep or in childcare. When we dont get a chance he just f’s me from the back when im at the sink putting makeup on.. he alwyas find a way quick or not

30 weeks pregnant and the size of a house lol! I'm still in the mood (bless those hormones!) so we are working around it best we can - but less than usual, sad to say! Still, in a few months we will be through the recovery phase and out the other side. He has enjoyed the enormous pregnant boobs, so that's a plus.

I’m mostly happy with it. 1-2 times a week would like it a bit more

Sex 5 times in 2019. One of those times got me pregnant. What are the chances.

Non existent. Hubby had a stroke and then I had a prolapse. Gone from loving sex multiple times a week to nothing. He's to scared to touch me.. it's a really shitty time I hope we can get back to where we once were 😒

 With all due respect, what kind of prolapse and how did you know?
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 Hope you are both seeking help for the physical connection, as this is important for a relationship and when suffering such life changing things like a stroke andd a prolapse you really need to make sure you look after yourself and your hubby’s physical needs however possible; psychologist together or gp as a start
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Pretty good, would like more but both shift workers so sometimes passing ships in the night so to speak.

I’ve got an outrageous flirty ‘thing’ going with a workmate (just flirting, nothing more) & it def makes me want a lot more!

It's ok. I mean it could be better, but it could be worse.