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Best present you ever got?


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I don’t know if it counts as a present or as a gesture but my favourite chupa chup lollipop was the lemon flavour but they stopped making them and they were hard to find. One of my friends went to every grocery shop in our area and bought as many as possible for my birthday. It was very much appreciated.

My bf got me chrissy lights this year. Best gift ever. I got it early. And he hung them up for me. Usually gets me kitchen ware lol. Every year i whinge that i wish we had decent lights and finally we do.

2 carat diamond 💎 ring

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My husband!!! He was introduced to me on my 18th birthday. My friend joked and said he is your present. Yep. Best present ever still 12 years later.

My hubby bought me a new blanket with silk along the ends. Ever since I was a baby I would run my fingers along the edge as a comfort thing. I'm 30 and I still do this, silly I know.

 Omg I had one of those too!
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 I will have one til I die I think lol
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Sleeping bag onesie. We're a camping family and I hate the cold. The suit really is the best. Had no idea I was getting it too. The best gift hubby has bought me ❤

 Where did he get it
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As a kid I'd wanted this toy for like 3 years or so, and I finally got one for Christmas and I was so happy. It was some kind of sticker thing. It was the best toy ever.

Hubby surprised me with a vibrator he bought on a night out in Kings Cross. 12 years later & it’s still in use 👍🏼😍

Working out barbie. Omg it was so good. The only time in my childhood I actually got a decent gift or one I'd asked for.

In my adult life it was my pregnancy massage voucher.

Keeping up appearances box set. Told my mum I wanted it and she surprised me with it. Was so happy. Love that show