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Would you let your teenager get their septum pierced or anywhere equally extreme?


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Are septum piercings really seen as that extreme these days though? Plus they can just tuck it away/flip it up when needing to hide it, if they get the right type of ring.

 I agree! I would allow my teenager to get piercings that are wearable, can hide when needed.. these are one of those piercings!
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Not a chance. If they were over 18 I guess I wouldn't be able to stop them but I would strongly discourage it.

Not a chance. I’m not a snob but I’d draw the line at that. I’ve never seen a nice looking one, hideous.

Tell your child they will look like a bull. What school or workplace allows these piercings ? Does your child have or want a job? They look hideous in most workplaces

 Tell your child they will look like a bull? Seriously?
PS I had a nurse at a large public hospital with one about a month ago. Didn't effect her work performance whatsoever

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 ^^^ This. I notice the judgemental idiot commenter before you just assumed it was the OPs child. Did it not occur to her that It's just a friggin question?
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My daughter is 14. I let her get out since at a reputable body piercer because her friends bought piercing kits and all did their own and their friends septums and other facial piercings and all ended up with infections.
She let her friend pierce her smiley and that ended up infected. I decided if she's going to have it done by a friend under unsanitary conditions, I'd rather it be sterile and professionally done

 Bogan mum alert, who lets their 14 yr old decide what piercings they want?? 🙄 ridiculous.
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 Don't be jealous because you're not a bogan babe ❤
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Is she at school ?

 Hi OP here. It's not my daughter. I just read a headline on 9msn about a woman's decision to let her teenager get one. If my dd got one I'd pull that thing out myself 😂😘
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I wouldn't pay for them to get it done but at 16 I would let them get it done.