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Withdrawal and Billings method for contraception?

Does anyone use this method? Im due to have bubs in 8 weeks. I have tried every form of contraception all come with terrible side effects for me. Permenant contraception is not an option at the moment. I guess they only other is condoms. I have used natural fertility planning previously to get pregnant.


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Yes Iv used it on off over 12 years. Iv had 2 pregnancies in the pill.. And fallen pregnant twice first go trying . We have no fertility issues and it's been sucsefull for us - I would say all up was about 8 years

I tried the pill in my early 20's not married (I'm now 51 and married). I felt distinctly different on the pill being bloated and it just didn't feel right for me - in fact I felt quite different. Still in my 20's, I happened to come across a book called The Billings Method by Dr Evelyn Billings & Ann Westmore and at the time thought it was a bit of 'hokus pokus' but purchased it anyway. I've used the billings method for almost 30 years now. I had one unwanted pregnancy out of wedlock and now have two daughters conceived through two planned pregnancies while happily married.

Two things I need to say with the planned pregnancies; they were timed according to ovulation of course but very much had a strong psychological component of being willing and ready for a child. Secondly; the unwanted pregnancy I knew it wasn't a safe time but went ahead anyway, disrespected all the rules and got what I didn't want..together with all the inconvenience and being in a bad relationship going nowhere.. Yeah, how dumb was that..?

You have to know and respect the patterns, signs and signals, while having a partner/husband who loves and respects you enough to do the same. Take the time to take care of yourself well through good diet and lifestyle habits to compliment the method. Get to know your body and your cycle well. It's amazing what we can learn through our intuitive self and our bodies incredible wisdom.

Just last week I took my book with dusty, yellowed pages off the bookshelf to remind me to set aside a time to talk to my teenage daughter. I'm hearing of many mum's consenting to the pill for their daughters as young as 14 years to either regulates period/reduce dysmenorrhea or as a solution to skin problems i.e. pimples. It's also giving them the licence to have sex. What about the potentially harmful man-made methods of dealing with natural processes. They are not necessary to control fertility. Wow..I feel strongly that mum's and teenage girls need to know about The Billing Method as an alternative ASAP so that the 'seed is planted at least' (pun intended :), for their use later on! However, there's so much more to these health problems our young girls are facing ie they aren't eating a regular whole food diet and instead lots more junk food, exposure to EMR from mobile devices, toxic cosmetic products etc, so many other aspects..going off topic now.. :)

My advice is to take the time and 'get to know yourself'. Imagine the power you hold.

My husband and I have used the pull out method for 6years never fallen pregnant. We have had two planned pregnancies where we fell pregnant first try. So there's no issues with fertility.

My mum swears by the Billings Methold (I think it's that one, where you track your cycle and avoid intercourse at certain times)...she has 7 kids lol.
My husband and I use the pull out method mostly. So far it's going well

 OP here Do you mind if I ask how long you guys have been using the pull out method for?
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We use the pull out method. We have been together for 7 yrs and the only pregnancy we've had was a planned one. We also avoid doing it around ovulation time.

Just use a condom. Once you shoot that child out of your baby cannon you will want to use all the birth control at once. Condoms are a bit of a mood killer for that 2 seconds it takes to put it on, but is it really all that bad considering the alternative? Also u really wanna trust your partner who hasn't had sex in while (once bubs is here) to have enough control to pull out? I never understand these short term birth control debates. Just use a freaking condom like the rest of the safe sex world.