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Am I the only one who can't stand pink??

She's in the same boat as Jessica maubouy. Fucking so annoying the both of them. Or who is someone popular you can't stand?


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F**k Beyoncé I can't stand her.

OP Yes!!!! Omg yes!!! Queen bey? Why queen? I don't get the obsession either.
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 She does my head in. I don't understand why ppl worship the ground she walks on.
She is applauded for staying with a cheater, when was the last time she did something for humanity?

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 When's the last time she had a decent song??
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 ^ on the 12th of never
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 Agreed and what is this new Black is King thing 🙄 omg... self indulgent, rich bored people crap.
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OH damn, I read the title like "Finally! Someone else with a bunch of young daughters! Pink sucks! At least make it purple!" Guess not then…

OP The colour pink aswell, I have 2 girls Hahaha.
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 Haha I thought the same thing!
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Me! I can't stand her and Jessica mauboy. I was seriously starting to think I was the only one. No kidding I will change the radio station in the car if they come on.

OP I feel like we'd be great friends.
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 I'd like that
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 lol get a room guys! Just kidding :)
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OP If I was down for the vag I probably would.
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Iv got a major girl crush on her. Her an Julia Roberts are the only famous people I actually like,like. I think she is the most genuine authentic celebrity out there.

 I like pink but julia roberts? No thank you her mouth annoys me ahhaha
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 My Mum calls Julia Roberts Big Mouth!!!
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 That's the most beautiful part about her
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 Am I the only one who reads things on her and think? This is why bullying is so prevelent in our schools? Cos they've got these examples at home?

Imagine for a second if you replaced Julia Roberts name with your child's and y'all were her classmates writing on faceboook about her, chalking up "likes" 🤔

Off topic, just an observation

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I don't 'can't stand' Pink, but I'm not a fan 'Just Give Me a Reason' is a good song
But Sophie Monk... Aaaaah. So she was in a band, sang a song. No one hears from her for years and years, all of sudden she is Bachelorette and channel nine advertises her as a 'Superstar' for the ARIA's. What the f**k??
She has the worst voice, the accent of a female Steve Irwin.

“What about us” the most whiniest song ever. Can’t stand it. I like a few of her songs but don’t get the hype. I don’t think she’s that great.

I thought this was about the colour too, not the singer..
As far as Pink the singer goes, meh! I think there are way worse out there and I don't think Jessica Mauboy is even in the same league. Yuck.

I'm in agreement. When "what about us" comes on the radio at work, the e tire office does a collective groan and we mute it

Bradley cooper. Just find his acting annoying. I'm sure he's a nice person

All her songs sound the same after a minute. I can listen to a bit but too much is just annoying.