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LETZ procedure

How long did it take to recover? Was it successful?


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Hi OP Are you okay? After reading your post and not having any knowledge to contribute, I have been wondering if all is ok. Its a big thing to go thru and i am thinking of you, hoping for the best outcome for you.
If its not too intrusive, an update would be really lovely, whenever you're up to it xx

OP Will do thanks for thinking of me
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Yes I’ve had after cin3. After the anaesthetic wears off you feel a bit of discomfort but after a day or so nothing. I went private as public was too long to wait and with how quick mine developed I couldn’t wait.

If your on the Gold Coast I can recommend my doctor she was amazing not expensive.

It was successful and I must have 3 monthly Pap smears for 5 years. I’m currently into my 5th year of being clear :)

OP Congrats on being clear I would like the drs name please looking at private also
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 Dr Glynnis Jones. She has an office in loganholme and also works out of Redland Bay Hospital. May have another option also now.
‭07 3801 5055‬

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Unsuccessful. Wish never did it

 ^ Please ignore this. I thought you were referring to a different procedure (cosmetic). I have no idea but good luck and all the best with your health X
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