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Casual contract- but doing hours outside

My pay is pretty decent per hour($65), but I do a lot of time outside and unpaid(Like the equivalent that I work and my work is very intense, is specialised and there is no slacking- hence the pay rate),. I also don’t get sick leave etc.. I do have to do these outside hours to do my job.

Obviously these are not the times to complain, but I have two jobs that are the same and one does not have these outside hours because the expectations are different. Anyone have advice on who I can I discuss this with? Can I phone a union even though I’m not a member? Contract does say some things but the place I work has high expectations and needs.

I am not in a cornered position as I feel very lucky to have these jobs,, but Looking at the university of Melbourne situation I am also wondering who else has these issues?


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In a contract of employment you agree to work for an employer for a certain amount of hours and your're paid an hourly rate for those hours worked. Your hourly rate will not include work performed in your personal time unless you agreed to it. Any additional work required by your employer is overtime for which you should be paid for. You're clearly dedicated to your work however, employers should not be taking advantage of employees outside their work hours and expect them to work for free. Definitely call Fair Work in this issue or alternatively seek the advice of an employment lawyer they should be able to provide a simple answer to your query.

I think this is going to depend on the nature of your work. For example its standard that a teacher or academic does some work outside their paid hours and their high wages reflect this. Im a computer programmer and its not usually expected but then our wages arent usually that high. Some specialised people get that but not me haha

Call Fair Work Trading support line on 1300 375 715