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Knowing if a guy is circumcised

A girlfriend of mine just discovered Tinder and a few weeks ago hooked up with a guy. She was telling me how what a great guy he was and that she really enjoyed his company, etc, etc. She also said that that he had an average-sized penis (which was a relief to her after previous hookup, who was apparently HUGE and pretty uncomfortable for her). I asked her if the new bloke was circumcised and after a few moments said, "I don't know; he was always 'up'."

This came as a suprise to me becaues of the 20-odd guys I have slept with I am pretty sure I knew who was circumcised and who wasn't, even if I did only see and feel them erect. Is it only me who pays this part of a man's anatomy that much attention? I found it odd that she didn't know, given from previous conversations she certainly knows the difference ...

BTW, I don't have a preference either way.


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I know only if I'm giving hand jobs because there's no foreskin to help my hand slide up and down. Circumcised guys need lube so you don't chaff the doodle

 Not always. It depends on how they are cut. I have seen one that skin covers most of the head when flaccid and could pull up to the end of the head when erect.
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Who cares i wd never even think to ask that

 Exactly. Were you trying get visuals?
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 😂 yeah I don't ask if my friends husbands are. I feel like that would be really overstepping the boundary, like ohhh I'm interested in yo man dick
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Maybe it's private, she sees a future with him and while there is banter about penis size boobs etc. she might not wish to go into actual specifics about whether he is circumcised or not? Kinda like blokes asking their mate whether their gf's flaps are tucked in or sit out..does she have small nipples or cow nipples? LOL there is 'generic banter' and then there are 'specifics' lol if someone asked me a guys penis size I might scoff / dismiss as average / fine / normal etc. but yeah out of respect for each other I don't see the need to tell further particularly if you are likely to be in mutual company etc. sounds prudeish but I prefer to think about how I'd like my man to talk about me / details shared about me when I'm not around so vice versa.

All my partners have been circumcised, thank goodness! ;)

 Someones afraid of some foreskin
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 How is that possible?
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 Vast majority of my partners have been uncircumcised
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 Dick is dick! Why is it important?
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 I always think circumcised is deformed and weird.
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 I always think circumcised and his parents must be messed up religos
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In NZ circumcision isn't as common as aussie obviously. In my 25 odd years of having sex with a large number of partners (more then 50 less then 100) there was only 1 who WAS circumcised.

I remember every man as my partner is the only man I’ve been with who was circumcised.

Can anyone actually feel the difference between a circumcised penis and a uncircumcised penis when it is in there vagina?

 No, but it does make a difference for hand jobs
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 I can notice difference. The ridge of the head of a circumcised guy I can feel and if they’re uncircumcised it’s smoother as the foreskin is usually covering the head on the outward I hope you understand
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I remember because I love everything about a circumcised member :-) That's not to say I haven't had some great times with uncircumcised guys. But I think it's a terrible thing to do to a baby who has no say in it, and wouldn't inflict it on any sons I had. Let them choose.

Iv been with 20 guys in 15 yeara or so. There was only one time i didnt know a guy was cut. I thought he was but it turned put that his turtle head just came all the way out when happy lol.