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Has anyone read a really good book lately?

Or what tv series are you into? I'm looking for a show to sink my teeth into 😁


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I've been reading stuff by Loretta Hill lately. She's writes kind of predictable romance stuff but it's based in western Australian towns or SA or QLD. I really enjoy them anyway, I find she's so easy to read I get really into the books!

Tv series
Mr Mercedes
The victim
Devils playground

Hitler - the greatest story never told. It’s a documentary which presents an interesting new perspective and documents that change everything you thought you knew about WW1 and WW2 made me sick to be honest. Sick with anger that we have only ever been taught one side of history.

 Are gas chambers acceptable if there's another side to the story? Ummm wtf...
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 Yeah those children and babies deserved it clearly
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 F**k of you Nazi piece of shit.
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 You make me sick, hope your year 10 escapes your demented hell your imposing on him.
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 To all of you calling her a Nazi do yourselves a favour and research what she is talking about and remember winners write the history books.
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 To the op of this comment much respect for doing your own independent research, sheep will only follow while wolves will lead
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 ^Absolute bullshit. The slaughter and genocide of aboriginal Australians is told every day by descendants and historians of British settlers.
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Alice to Prague by Tanya heaslip

  I've never heard of it but I'll look it up, thank you.
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The greatest story never told

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  F off you Nazi piece of dirt.
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Anything by Jodi Picoult and I've just read one called, "The Woman in the Window".

The tattooist of aushwiz book as amazing

 Awesome thanks!
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The storyteller” by Jodi picoult

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White Queen, white princess, Spanish princess, animal kingdom, Jane the virgin

 I second Jane the virgin, about to start season 3
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1. Scar Tissue - Larry Sloman
2. The Mapoon Story - The people of Mapoon
3. Hold Tight - Harlan Coben
4. A time to kill - John Grisham
5. Flowers in the attic - Virginia Andrews

T.V Series
1. The good wife
2. Stranger things
3. Vikings
4. Shameless
5. BoJack Horseman

Ben aaronovitch series, the first book is Rivers of London and there about another 7.

My Favourite Murder podcast and Australian True Crime podcast with Meshel Lawry & Emily Webb.
The mini series Little Big Lies
Forensic Files on Netflix

Check out the The German Girl, by Armando Lucas Correa . Great book.