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So alone and broken

So the last two years have been hell. My Nan who was the only one who i could really talk to passed away then 8 months later broke my ankle, a month after that i found out i had dvts and Pes, fast forward 9 months i had my hardware removed cause my original incision never healed, January i went to the doctor and hes lending towards me having Biploar.
The next day i went for my eye test and my eyes have gotten much worse in 2 years and i have high pressures. They wanted me to get an Mri cause they think there is something in my brain causing the high pressures and vision loss.
I am at such a low point right now. I found out tomorrow the results of my mri but so scared aswel. On top of this my best friend and i are fighting.. Just feel hopeless and alone


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I'm so sorry you are having such a shit time of late. I hope things start to get better soon. *big hugs*

It's a shit thing to happen but look at it all as accomplishments, like look at all the shit you have had happen lately and you're still here.

I'm sorry these things are happening, try to find positives in life. It's not easy, but having a glass half full attitude helps you get through the tough times ♥

Chin up and stay strong. Have a look back and see how much you have come through. You are a champion! Hope it is good news for you tomorrow. Hang on to every encouraging word and know you are not alone.

Sending you lots of love. So sorry you are going through all this. Big hugs xxx

You are definately not alone. I'm going through a shit time too. So I'm sending some good karma vibes your way.