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Going to a wedding and not knowing anyone

My partner is part of the bridal party as the groom is an old friend of his (but whom he hasnt seen for 3 yrs or so) but i dont know anyone at all. Feeling rather anxious as ill be on my own for the majority of it. If we were going as a couple and sitting together etc i wouldnt feel so overwhelmed by it. Im not a naturally outgoing person but will of course be friendly to everyone, cant drink as we have to drive home. Anyone got any tips for getting through the day?


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I'm sure they'll seat you with friendly people 🤷‍♀️ don't be nervous, everyone is social and meeting new people at a wedding.

Any chance you could make friends with someone in a similar situation before hand? Maybe another one of the groomsmen's partners is in the same situation and you could offer to carpool?
You don't need to become best friends, but even just meeting to pick them up on the day, or at the rehearsal, might help.

Definitely go! Have fun, talk to people, if they don't know you what do you have to lose?! You can send hubby dirty texts and watch his reactions. Life's to short to worry about things like this. let go chill out and have a laugh!

Im sure there are other sin the same position, not knowing anyone. It's a good chance to meet new people and potentially make new friends. That said Id be very very nervous myself. However you are there to support your partner after all. Just put a smile on and your best foot forward!

in these situations there may be other people in the same situation as you.. not knowing anyone else. A great way to seem really friendly is get people talking about themselves people generally love it. But you will be seated next to two people who you can find out a lot about over the course of the evening.

Try to relax, just remember that even if YOU'RE not drinking, most others will be. And drunk people are usually very friendly and sociable. Also, your husband/partner (I can't remember which you said and cbf scrolling up - haha im so lazy) will only be away from you for the formalities, then he's all yours.

I wouldn't go in that situation, or I would tell my husband I will probably leave early so he needs to either leave early too or find his own way home.