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Does anyone else hate washing their husband’s underwear?

Sorry TMI, but seriously the skid marks on hubby’s undies are disgusting sometimes and it’s just like having to clean up after a fourth child when I already have three.


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My husband wipes his butt properly, so no. Also he generally washes his own clothes anyway. Just tell him you won't wash them if they are like that, he can do them himself. He'll either start wiping properly, wash them himself, or he'll run out and that's not your problem.

I don't want to know. I just throw everything in the machine

 Yep same when you have boys ‘do not look’ ever..
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 It's best not to look
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 This is so true. Just throw it all in on a really long cycle and pray the machine does a good job. Haha 🤣
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I hate washing my husbands clothes full stop. He’ll wear them until they are gross. Can’t work out why tf he can’t do his own clothes

Yes, mine is the same. Im so over it i asked his mum if she thought it was normal. Apparently it is? Im like nah its not, its just being lazy however, Now im concerned your son has a leaking rectum, and then followed up with do you think he has fecal incontinence and thats why he has skiddies in his undies. She looked mortified. Hahaha.. well if he aint going to listen to me about are you sure your wiping your bum properly maybe his mum can ask him 😂 and hopefully that resolves the issue.

My hubby jacks off and wipes it up with his undies. I find them in his drawer sometimes and ask him why he’s too effing lazy to put them in the wash himself. It’s disgusting and I hate washing his underwear.

Oh my gosh, my husband doesn’t have these issues probably because he is a grown man. Eeeeewww

Yep my hubby has the same sometimes and same with my boys. It’s really not too bad but it’s a little bit grose at times. Maybe it’s just a boy thing... always in a rush to clean themselves thoroughly. Sweaty, smelly, dirty laundry. I’m just used to it I guess.

Tell him to wash himself

 I'm sure he tries his best 💕
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Ewww what the f**k. Teach him how to wipe properly that's just vile.

 Isn't it great he's not your husband 💜💜
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Put them back in his drawer. Tell him you tried washing them but they won’t come clean so he better start learning to wipe is arse like a normal human being.