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School new rules

Do you agree with NO parents allowed in the school grounds? Gates being locked during the day? One drop off zone for multiple year levels (because we all know noone will social distance)

If its so unsafe for parents and teachers then why is school open? BTW no cases in our local area gp sais...

And if it safe enough for canteen and parents to volunteer there then why cant special needs kids parents continue to walk their child to the door as per their routine and anxiety requires?!

Its totally over kill.


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Doesn't make much difference to us. The parking at our school is a nightmare so most parents pick up & drop off at the gate anyway.

No volunteers at our canteen atm.

I think you might need to relax and take stock of what's important. We had to cancel an overseas holiday, have taken a huge financial hit, most family and friends are worried about jobs, bills, mortgages. It's shit year, of course we hate all the rules. We've just got to go with the flow for now. In the end, the alternative is what's happened in other countries who didn't change - these rules have saved us from that fate.

 Agreed! These rules are put in place to protect us and won't be forever...We all just have to stuck it up and get on with it!
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I think we should be following the rules regardless if they are silly or not. I would agree that special needs children require assistance but is your child actually special needs to just clingy? Maybe it will be a good thing for little johnny and little sally to have the smallest degree of independence and manage to walk themselves from the gate to classroom? Just a thought

Talk to the school, if it’s giving your child anxiety they may be able to organise you going in or an older student walking them in maybe , a teacher meeting them at the gate

I don't think there is much point, as if someone gets covid 19 their kid will probably get it and pass it on at school until there are symptoms. But I understand schools are just trying to do their best it won't be forever.

 Exactly my point. Its bound to be passed on regardless.
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 Yes but the school needs to do something. If someone did get it and pass it on the school will be blamed for not doing enough.
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Perhaps no cases in your area because of the protocols in place?

So what I understand is, schools are safe nexus’s as far as they know so far, kids are not super spreaders. They can get the virus same as adults but they for some reason are not spreading it. Something to do with the smaller viral load maybe?

Also, I understand parents not allowed on the grounds. More people, more adults, more risk. My kids’ school they have exemptions for the younger kids and they have slightly different drop off and pick up times. There are also 4 gates open so that not everyone is going through one place. And the gates have always been closed and locked outside drop off and pick so no change there.

My kids have autism (age 7 an 9), and the change has been hard but we have powered through and they are used to it

 I agree. I feel like these protocols are also blanket protocols, there is so much variation in schooling across Australia- they have to put out a blanket request which their modeling and experts go with.
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In WA parents are allowed back on school grounds from 6th June 2020.

 Im in WA, our school told us today that from tomorrow we are aloud on school grounds
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Everywhere you go here in vic you have to sign in. Imagine doing that at the school pickup/ drop offs. If there's special needs school would adapt and handle it case by case. Parents of preps are allowed and start/ finish times are staggered with different gates per year level. I like it and wouldn't mind if it stayed.

 How does the staggering work if you have kids in 3 different year levels? Do you have to hang around?
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Im in SA. Parents are strongly encouraged not to come onto the school but if you need to for special needs or other reasons its not against the rules. The problem is the layout of the school entrance is really bad so they all now have to stand by the gate all close to each other which makes the rules pointless anyway. I have a toddler so I just use the kiss n drop for my older kids.

For schools in the UK this is standard practice. Massive gates locked on the dot, no parents in at all. Late or need to come in? Go through the office which is like a security office. We don’t have it tough at all.