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Do you use people for your own benefit?

My BIL only contacts my hubby when it he wants something and only says to hubby we are family when it suits him


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Nope. I have no need to. My ex did thought. He is definitely a narcissist

 Isn't everyone these days?
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 ^ a narcissist?
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 Alot of people on here - my ex was a narcissist, my sister's a narcissist. Everyone that's wronged them is obviously a narcissist. They read something on the internet & now think they're qualified psychiatrists.
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 Actually my ex was professionally diagnosed with classic NPD. It sure explains alot :)
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Unfortunately some people just think they're entitled is all

Yep my in-laws do this. When ever there is a legal matter, computer or phone issue. I’m their best friend but usually they couldn’t care less about me.

 Are you a lawyer ?
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 Yes I am
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 Me too
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My sister does.
But her loss really because everyone just distanced themselves from her.
She doesn't want family to support her, unless she gets financial gain out of it.
It's a sad situation really.

 My brother in law is only our family when it suits him
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