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Period underwear and bathers for young teens?

So many brands!. What do you guys recommend? Ive heard modibodi is good. My daughter is 12 and quite small for her age - prob a girls size 10 in bottoms.


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I use modibodi and will be buying them for my 11 yr old when the time comes.

I bought my daughter a pair of modi bodi when she was a tiny 11 year old. She’s 12 now and still hasn’t started her periods but she says the knickers are really comfortable. Now I now sizing, I will buy more when she starts her period.

 *now I KNOW sizing.
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Awesome! Thanks ladies. Will look into sizing and order some for her 😀

 My daughter is 12 and three months. Quite petite. She fits into a size 10-12 . Just incase you were unsure of sizing.
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Damn it ( sorry to those who think damn is a curse word). This post jinxed me. I replied yesterday saying I’d bought a pair of modibodi for my girl but she hadn’t started her period yet. This morning she got her period.

Use normal knickers

 Normal knickers are not the same.
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 Hence the reason the OP is asking about modibodi :)
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 I know, I’m replying to the person saying to use normal knickers. I’m telling THAT person you can’t use normal knickers. I already replied with my modibodi comment.
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