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Anyone not get anything for mothers day?

Partner has had plenty of time to organise things with kids for me today and all I get is "can you take me home" no gifts nothing, not even breakfast when I got home from work absolutely nothing!!!

So pissed off. Guess who ain't getting shit for fathers day


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I got nothing but then I did get cocktails and now I feel better

I didn't, but I'm not really into mothers day, so it doesn't bother me. Had a nice lunch with both sets of our parents, so that was nice.

Why do Mum’s want something from their husbands/ partners? You are not his Mum... I’m not trolling or wanting to start a fight or anything, just asking.

 Partially because of the effort I go to on father's day to let him know that his contributions as a father are really valued by all of us in the family. Partially because I want him to demonstrate to our children about how to treat their future wives for their future happiness. Their wives will be raising my grandchildren and I value that.
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 My kids aren't old enough and don't have the means to shop for themselves yet. My expectation is that my husband will help them as I do for Father's Day.
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 Thanks for the replies. I think I’m just not a sentimental person. I appreciate the small things a person does for you everyday ( a cuppa when they wake up first, doing things before being asked because they know it bugs you) more than just a present on a specific day. Same goes for Father’s Day I don’t make a fuss just say happy Father’s day and thats it... I’m probably just weird!
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I got gifts but most of them were things I do not want and would never use. I even gave my family a list of a few things I’d like. After opening them this morning and questioning the logic behind what I got, I was told I’m too hard to shop for by hubby and he admitted just grabbing some things last minute. How is asking for books and a shirt too hard? So what I really got today was the realisation that my husband doesn’t know me at all and I would rather have been given nothing over last minute junk.

 Crazy, that sucks. Honestly, just buy your own gifts from now on, it’d make you feel better.
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 Do something similar to him, perhaps if he knows how it feels he might think a bit more about it.
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I got nothing, not even a card. But I spent my morning running around getting last minute gifts for MIL and SIL.. So everyone had a great day. I had a crappy day stuck with in-laws , making sure everyonw else felt special.

 Dont do that again x
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 Yes, why would you do that?!
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I got “ you don’t have to do anything today. Sit down and relax all day”. So I did, but so did everyone else. Today I’m doing all the shit that didn’t get done yesterday. My husband is a nice guy but he never does anything for mother’s day. Not even for his own mum who is an awesome person who does so much for us. I forced him to write in his own mums card this year. He battled me but I refused to do it. He wrote “ happy Mother’s day”, no lovely words for his lovely mum.

My kids made me cards which I live of course but my husband every year stands by 'your not my mum, so I don't have to do anything'. Pisses me off!

I'm feeling a little sad because my husband did nothing for me although I made sure he got a card for his mum. My kids bought me lovely gifts from the school stall and handmade crafts from daycare and my in laws. The day itself was lovely with my kids, mil and my extended family. Just sad my husband didn't really acknowledge me. Petty I know.

 How is that petty?! That is sad, I think your hubby just doesn’t see the importance of the day and perhaps telling him why Mother’s Day is important would be a discussion worth having...this society has watered it down to gifts but it is much more than that x
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 Honestly though, if you had to organise him a card for HIS mother, hardly hold out much hope he will make the effort himself. Sounds like you raised loving kids though and they will see you through. Men have their heads somewhere else completely.
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 Your partner is a loser if you had to buy a card for him to give to his mum

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 Wow so aggressive.
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I got nothing. Same most years. You get better at lying to your family about it - this year I told my mum that I couldn't find what I wanted so am waiting for new stock....actually, my husband had no money so I got nothing again.

 Naw, sending you love. It’s so sad that we feel ashamed to share that stuff, which, if you were my child, I’d hope to hell that you’d be open to sharing those things with me. It sucks. I’m in the same situation as you, it’s just sad to hear it from someone else
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 Don’t you share money?
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No effort made by anyone at all. Just another day for me, usual house chores

 That suxs, but you're not alone. Same happened with me.
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Me. Two of my kids have passed and two live too far away, I do have some family near where I live but they have isolated me. So, my Mother's Day was spent alone working on a Uni project and now I'm cooking a single piece of chicken for my dinner.

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I didn't get any gifts but that's OK with me, I've spent enough on myself lately (new clothes, hair done, night out with the girls) My daughter and I done a mother's day fun run/walk this morning as fundraiser for the heart foundation. We went to the pub for lunch with my sister and her hubby/ kids then visited my mum and mil.

Do the same for father’s day

 OP here, oh I will be but I think we won't be together by then so it won't be my problem
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I got a card. Otherwise it was a normal sunday. Usually husband makes an effort but for some reason not this year.

I got a gift from my kids from child care, husband got me a card and some scratchies/ tattslotto ticket. Did i get a rest etc? Nah not really same old Sunday