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How to withdraw Cash without it showing on statement ?

I’m currently saving up for a house however I need to urgently cash out £500, my mum checks my statements here and there purely to make sure I don’t spend too much.



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How old are you ?
You need to move out and rent with someone
Your mum is narcissistic and controlling

 I understand that, but I agreed with her to allow her to check my statements because I’m not the best at saving... but right now if I cash out a large sum she’ll question it
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Woolworths cash out, service station cash out, Kmart cash out. Will look like a purchase transaction and not cash out

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 Pretty sure it says cash out now
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 Did it today
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 Some places show cash out amount
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Why would u care if your mum sees? You silly penis head.
Grow some big pompous balls on your forehead and let your mum know it’s your money

Are you in England?

 Yes am in England
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