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Abused by other children.

My cousin was abused as a kid and she did to me what was getting done to her. It went on for a few years from ages 3 to 5 as my mum would babysit her. We were the same age, she was a very dominant kid and I was quiet and shy. Then when I was about 7 the kid next door who would have been about 11 pinned me down one day and dry humped me. I have some issues now which could probably be blamed on these events. Am I a victim? Or am I not classed as a victim because of the ages?


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Yes you were a victim. Back then. Not now.
Don't make excuses for your life. We all have choices and you need to rise above it.

 Seek therapy so you can get past it.
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 It's not life choices that I am blaming on this, more psychological things like anxiety and paranoia about leaving my kids, weird dreams and jumpy when touched.
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 My own father molested me for years. You can get past this. You have to do what I do. Just breathe. And I'm overprotective of my kids too but that's not a bad thing.
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I can't believe some of the compassionate responses here. I'm sorry you went through this. Counselling will be a good first step.

That's terrible! - and you are suffering from what happened to you - a series of traumatic events as a little kid - you were voiceless.

Have a look at:

A victim can be any age, however they may not class the other kids as an abuser due to their age. Are you seeing a counsellor or psychologist?

 No, I have always brushed it off. Maybe I should though.
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 I think it will help, even if it's just to help you sort out your thoughts.
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You can choose to be a victim or you can choose to be a survivor. What do you want to define your life?