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Who the f**k do you think you are ?

Yesterday hubby came home from work and turned volume down on kids DVD and said after 2 min turn that rubbish off


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My hubby is the same. We are all happy and content at home he comes home shitty and denies us anything complains about everything puts us all down and only stops when everyone is in a bad mood.

I do the same thing when I get home from work when hubby is home with the kids on the weekend.

 Me too. Hubby works on a construction site and has things super loud when he gets home. I work in an office. When I get home after a shit day or a shit drive to loud music or loud MTV or loud cartoons, the first thing I do is turn it down or tell them to turn it down.
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I'm a full time working mum and I hate coming home to shitty music blasting and friggin YouTube and Xbox going on. Honestly I'm tired, if you want me to pay for all this headache causing noise, turn it off so i can think straight.

I went off at my boyfriend the other night for turning my daughter's movie off. You don't live here, you're not her father, back the F up. I will decide when she's had enough tv time and when she'll go to bed, not you. There has been more than one argument over him over stepping his boundaries and trying to disipline my kids and he just isn't getting it.

 While in principle I agree, your child your rules, it sucks being with someone who has kids to someone else when you're not included in parenting and you're this outsider with no input
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 He shouldn’t be included in the parenting whatsoever. He doesn’t even live there. OP of this response is 100% correct.
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 I'm about ready to get rid of him honestly. He maintains that he's trying to help me out when in reality he gets cranky over the most stupid, trivial things. Like my eldest set up her blankets and wanted to sleep on the floor the other night (something she has done since she was like 12 months old mind you) and he just yells at her to get in to bed but doesn't see an issue with it and can't figure out why I get so frustrated and cranky with him. If it bothered me, I'd say something to her. But shit, let the kid lay on the floor and I'll put her to bed after she's asleep. Definitely not his place and he just doesn't listen when I tell him to back up.
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I feel the same when my husband does similar stuff- like we were all content and then you storm home with your shitty mood and everyone is on edge or unhappy. Don’t come home if you’re gonna be like that!

 Pretty sure you'd whinge if he didn't come home. Why don't you ask him about his day instead? When I come home in a shitty mood all I want is a hug and to have a little rant.
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Morons is a word that comes to mind. Sorry to burst your bubble, but wow. Tv doesn’t raise a child

 Wow indeed. How did you get her kids were watching non stop tv from that? Sanctimummy much?
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I’m surprised to learn people still watch dvds 📀

 We still borrow them from the rental shop occasionally. I was going to say from the video shop but didn't people thinking we still watch videos 😂
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 We have shelves full of DVDs and blu rays! Kids have theirs and we have our collection. Always have something to suit our mood.
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 Omg Dvds were my life, because i had no tv/antenna connection, and lived where there was no internet connection for netflix...

I have netflix now but I don't watch it now I've seen all the true crime doccos hehe. Miss when my tv watching was restricted

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