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How often do you shave your legs, underarms, bikini etc. ?


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Whenever I can be fu***d.. so pretty much hardly ever.

I'll have a crack at it when I start to look like a pretty dude though.

Well... it's may and I have 4 kids and one bathroom so.... 1-3 years ago?? roughly?

 Underarms 2x a week though
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 I dont know whether to be jealous or disgusted
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 I don't date and I always wear pants. Who has that kinda time?
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Start waxing! I only started six months ago, and haven't looked back. Legs and underarms once every six weeks

Legs: Shave once every 2 months
Under arms - Shave once every 1-2 weeks
Bikini - I wax with the little facial wax strips every 2-3 months

In summer every 2nd or 3rd day, now its colder ive started using my epilator then letting it grow back and repeating. It doesn't give a smooth feeling like shaving and it misses bits, but I like how slowly it grows back.

 Does it hurt? Have you tried the circle thing they advertising on tv?
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 I havent seen it, mines a few years old. It depends where Im using it, legs dont hurt that much. Underarms and bikini hurts alot and if i could fit waxing in to my budget I would get them waxed. Still hurts but at least its alot quicker. I do my arms and belly as well every now and again.
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Not enough in winter! Lol. Luckily my husband understands i dont always have time! My underarms i do once to twice a week generally because i find i get b.o more easily if i dont keep them maintained all year round! Lol. Legs and bikini line r once a week or sometimes twice a week in summer depending how fast they grow and where im going etc. And in winter well lets just say i tend to get more lazy even tho i hate hairy legs! Lol. And my whole vagina zone and not just bikini line could do with some improvement too but tends to get neglected!

Legs when I'm going out in public wearing a skirt or getting a papsmear. Underarms when its long enough to poke out of my tshirt sleeves. Bikini only for papsmears. I used to pluck my armpits when I was single and never had any. I dread my chin hairs coming in.

Legs, 2-3 times a week. Underarms about once a week in winter, twice a week in summer.

Legs and armpits everyday, bikini every couple of days I feel better for doing it this way but each to their own.

Winter never. It's my leg warmer.
Summer every 2 days.

I used to be like you single girls and do it whenever i felt like. Which was hardly ever. Now i have a man and find it hard to work it into my routine , plus my hair grows back so fast and have heaps of it. Would love to just get rid of it all

 Can someone just invent a tablet for it already!
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In winter.. Once every 2 months lol
Summer.. Once every fortnight