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Cheap meals that'll stretch

I'm looking after extra kids for the next week or two, so have 2 adults, 4 children to feed, all teens and boys.
What's cheap, filling, and leftovers if any can be used the next day in another dish?


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Big tray of chicken wings and drumsticks baked in the oven with baked veges and mash


Sausage sizzle with potato salad/ ceasar salad

 Coles to a cheaper version of the old elpaso taco packs now
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I make pasta bake when I have extra mouths. 1kg mince, 500gram packet of pasta (I like penne but it's up to you), 2 of the big tins of tomato soup, 2 cups of veggies and cheese. Brown the mince and boil the pasta until soft, put both in a large baking tray. I just steam the veggies in the microwave and puree them. Poor these and the tomato soup into the baking tray as well and mix it all together. Top with shredded cheese and bake at 200Β° for 20 to 30 min until cheese is desired either crispy or melty (I like mine crispy but everyone else in the house like it melty.) It's cheap, easy and my go to recipe when I have those extra mouths to feed because they all love it

 They eat it cause there hungry
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 Yup when they beg me to make it every time they visit it's clearly only because they are hungry πŸ˜‚
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 Sounds delicious. Making this tonight! 🐷
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 Sounds nice β™₯️
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Some more:

Don’t forget a big batch of fried rice - reheats well and very tasty and filling. You can put in heaps of veg, bacon, eggs - yum!

 This, actually, really cheap
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Bolognese. Have it with spaghetti, use it in a pasta bake or lasagne, add some taco seasoning and use it for tacos or nachos.

I find mince is the best thing to stretch as you can bulk it out with veggies, lentils and sauce.

 This! And have it on wedges or baked potato/sweet potato. Delish, filling and cheap :-)
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Make a big huge meatloaf. Like, I mean $30 worth of mince, in a huge bbq tray. A log of meatloaf if you will. It goes well with pasta the next day too.
Big macaroni and cheese.
Spaghetti bolognese.
Any pasta dish.

 Gross. You can do a beautiful roast for $30
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 Beautiful roasts don't stretch as far.
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We have some good leftover recipes on the page :-)

Mac n cheese and a new Italian one I found and love

Spaghetti pasta $1.00 Coles
1 chilli (.10 Coles)
Parsley ($2.00)
3/4 or more cloves of garlic ($1.50)
Extra virgin olive oil.

Put all except pasta into cold pan and then turn on. When starts to sizzle take off wait for pasta to cook. Drain and mix. DELICIOUS AND CHEAP

UNDER $10.00 too

Im so db i cant make meatloaf πŸ˜•

 It's dead easy once you know how. Basically all you need is meat, egg and breadcrumbs. You mix it all together (you gotta get in there with your hands) nice and even then just bake until cooked through. Of course, adding in seasonings and herbs help.
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 Meatloaf can be gross & dry- you have to be very careful about moisture content. A nice chutney on top makes it bearable for me & mashed potato.
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Mince dishes are easy and scan stretch; Bolognaise, Beef Chow Mein, Curried Mince served with rice. Also sausage are cheap a versatile in curried snags, sausage casserole etc bulk them out with veggies. Chicken or tuna pasta bake can feed hoardes also. I recommend having rice or a salad or something always as a side and a loaf of bread on the table. Easy meals such as beef stew with cheaper beef cuts can be served with rice and used for toasties the next day. Chicken thigh fillets can be used for a million meals, sweet n sour, butter chicken etc - 2kg would cost around 17-20$ depending where you buy it from and that will make a big meal with veggies added and service with rice or pasta.
BBQ meals would be quick and easy with that many boys too - make up some rissoles with beef mine and grab a pack of snags, make a potato bake and a fried rice - done.
Good luck