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Christmas meals for an easy, chilled out day

Let’s throw some suggestions together? Its predicted to be in the mid 30s temp wise and worse with ththe bush fires we can’t shake ☹️


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I have started making ice “plates” in the bottom of my largest pan (freeze, pop out, repeat). We are doing an open house outside by the pool and serving platters of cold sliced turkey, ham, fruit, salads, cheeses, and planning on keeping each on a frozen slab placed on top of a foam roll to the extend the cool 😎

 ^Id love to hear how this goes ♥️
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Cold meat, antipasto, cheeses, salad, make up your own rolls, BBQ etc

Curried eggs, salads, potato salad. With meat or fish
I’m cooking more cold than hot. I think it’s too much in this heat 😫😫

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Here are some great ideas: