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Why do Banks open at 9.30am???

Like seriously get with the times 😡


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Yeah I'm at work from 6 am so bank opening times mean nothing to me. I didn't like how many in our town shut at 3pm cos that's when I finished work haha but now I think they stay open till 4-430

Do you still go into the bank???? I do all mine online!

 Me too but occasionally I need to go inside. I try to avoid it as best I can though
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 How do you review your mortgage or are you in a housing trust home ?
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 My in laws don’t have ATM card and go to bank
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 I haven't been into a bank in years either. Our bank doesn't even have physical branches. Mortgage, accounts all online. Everything is automated.
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So people like me can get my kids to school before work. Seriously tho, no one comes in in the morning. It’s busy in arvo when businesses bring their takings in from the day. A lot of people use online banking. No need for staff to be there earlier than 930.